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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

I wanted to have a baby yesterday!


So I have finally caught up all of my posts and this is the first one written on time! the 12th was my Grandad's birthday so really would have loved my baby to have been born on his day. Since 37 weeks I have been chomping at the bit to have her but really felt fate might play its part in getting her here for this date. I think I made too much of the date as the night before I basically didn't sleep at all which wasn't a good start for hopefully going into labour!  Even yesterday evening I was still kind of hopeful as I had been tightening all day and my hormones were obviously flying as I had a couple of outbursts of tears for no reason at all. Today, I woke up and she was in a really awkward position and have had very few tightenings today. I'm still very tired too so I would be surprised if anything happened today. To be fair I am starting to resign myself that actually labour is really not that close at all right now!

I have tried a few things to get labour going. I have been drinking raspberry leaf tea - though probably not as regularly as I should be. I have brought myself an aromatherapy diffuser and have been pumping clary sage around the living room most days. A few months ago I brought myself a exercise/birthing ball (whatever you want to call it) as I get really uncomfortable in the evenings so I have been religiously bouncing up and down on that to try and get things going. The last thing I have been doing (which I have put most my hopes in working) is expressing. I have been leaking colostrum since about 19 weeks and nipple stimulation is meant to get your hormones going so I thought this would be a good thing to get on. To begin with I was only doing it ever other day. since 38 weeks I took to doing it daily and in the last few days I have been doing it twice a day. Maybe this is why I have been niggling so much? Though, not's not like labours actually started so who knows if any of this is doing anything! If nothing else, if this baby comes out and is a rubbish feeder, I have about 60mls colostrum frozen ready to feed her! I don't know why I am keeping it all really but I can't bring myself to waste it. We work so hard to express colostrum with women for their babies it doesn't seem logical in my brain to get rid of it!

Generally the last few weeks have been pretty boring and tiring so not the best few weeks of my life as I can't occupy myself with the things I would usually do. Despite this, up until this week I have stayed in good spirits but I have to say I am now starting to find it difficult to stay positive. I'm trying to find things to keep me occupied each day. My carpal tunnel is now in both hands and by far the most debilitating. At it's worst (like today) I have constant numbness and/or pins and needles in my fingers and everything I do I have to think about the positioning of my hands. One thing I have found that is both a time killer and not too painful on my hands is playing computer games. In the lounge, Scott has a computer set up with Steam and we sometimes play games using Xbox controllers. We recently played the Lego Harry Potter games and I have spent quite alot of time completing all the extra content. If I sit on my ball and use the controller, I am still moving my fingers to keep the circulation going but my wrists are at neutral positions which means I don't get too much pain. Now I've completed both games though I don't know what to play next!?

On Monday I decided to go shopping for some Christmas presents (we had done absolutely nothing up until this point). I managed to get everyone's all at once and wrapped them all too! They are not exactly thoughtful presents like I usually try to do but giving the circumstances I am just happy that I managed anything at all! We are pretty much all up together house wise so I hoped this might count as my nesting phase??

I know that life with a newborn is going to be pretty tough and I'll probably be even more exhausted than I am now but at least I will be occupied all of the time. It's all this sitting and waiting around which is killing me. Come on baby Ware we are so ready for you now!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

38/40 - more moaning

I really hoped to have enjoyed being pregnant more, particularly in the latter weeks but I just seem to have one complaint after the next. For the last week I have had a pain in my back around my kidney on the left side. to begin with I didn't think much of it but it then got worse and I started to wonder if I had a urine infection. In the end I made an appointment with the GP just to get my urine checked - I didn't go to the midwives as if I had got a urine infection, they only would have referred me to the GP to get an antibiotic prescription anyway. 

This proved more hassle than it was worth. First of all I saw a practice nurse who freaked out when she saw I was pregnant, then freaked out even more when she realised I was a midwife. She bascially did my obs and made me another appointment with the Dr for 40mins time. I stayed up there and waited, and she was running about 40mins late!! I then saw the doctor who ascertained that she thought it was muscular pain but was worried about my blood pressure. at 138/86 it is climbing for me as I booked on 106/60 something and have generally sat at around 110/70 but the hospital are also not going to be interested in that at all, not without any other symptoms like protein in my wee. Anyway, she felt I should get it rechecked again in a few days time.

So I went back in 3 days (I think it was) and it was 139/86 - the same! Again the doctor didn't really know what to do with me and was still worried about it so I pulled the midwife card and said that I don't meet protocol so they wont do anything about it - but she still felt like she had to ring the unit haha. I do understand, she wants to cover her back and its better to be safe than sorry. As expected, they weren't interested but did want me to have a midwife check up early in the next week just in case.

At my 38 week appointment it was 114/86 so fine. Apart from not not having had a baby yet and being exhausted all is going fine. COME ON BABY!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sewing room no more!

Good bye sewing room! I will miss you! Even if I didn't use you to your full potential most of the time!

It feels like we left the nursery until quite late but lets be honest, shes not going to be sleeping in it for months yet is she?! Packing my hospital bags gave me the incentive to get on with it as more than anything, things felt so unorganised, I didn't know where to find anything!

The decorating itself wasn't too bad as the room has stayed the same colour so it just needed a fresh coat of paint to tidy it up. We also built more of a cupboard over the box in the corner and have put a clothes rail in and more usable storage. As it's quite a small room, rather than putting on full wardrobe doors, I made a roman blind to cover the space. I also made a roman blind for the window and matching curtains. We didn't want to spend a fortune on furniture so we went to Ikea and are really happy with what we got. We brought a changing table with nice big drawers which we intend to use as a chest of drawers later on. We got some simple storage for the box cupboard which just happened to be a perfect size and works really well. Our best buy was the cot itself though. We didn't get the one that I thought I wanted by looking on the website but actually seeing them, this one was much nicer... It just so happened that the Bristol store had £50 off if you signed up for their Ikea card. At the time they didn't have it in stock but we decided that it was the one we wanted even if we couldn't get the money off. Luckily a bit later on in the week they came back in stock so went back in and got it cheap!

Although we know were having a girl. I really didn't want a all pink nursery, particularly as if we do have more kids in this house, I don't really want to do all the sewing again. Mainly because I'm no longer going to have a big space to sew where I can just leave stuff out. I also still really love that colour so had no incentive to choose another one.

I think it's lovely!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Spa Day!


Scott's off work this week and although I haven't been much use, the days have generally been filled with decorating (Scott doing it and me overseeing, getting frustrated I can't help much). Therefore it was nice to both have a midweek break. The spa voucher I got from my lovely friends at my baby shower was just for me but I thought it would be nice to treat Scott also. He has never done anything like the spa before or had a professional massage. He was in Germany a few weeks ago, went mountain biking and fell off and has had a very sore/stiff shoulder since so I thought it would do him good. And although we spent a lot of time together, it's pretty rare that we would spend a whole day doing something like this so It seemed like a great idea. 

We went to the Combe Grove Hotel and Spa in Bath which was really nice. The spa itself was a little tired looking but the facilities were really good. Scott used the gym and I lounged by the pool, reading, then we both went for a swim. Lunch was included so we went over to the main hotel for that. The food was incredible! It really was! The place is a typical Bath establishment and the members definitely had money and oozed it. They were very pleasant though and we had a very nice conversation with a couple over lunch. After that, we went back and relaxed by the pool until our treatments. 

I didn't really know what to expect treatment wise as often these spa places are quite funny about touching pregnant people but I was very surprised... I had a full hour pregnancy massage! I am generally very achy most of the time so it was lovely! I was so jealous of Scott having a full massage so was so glad to have one too! I expected some sort of body exfoliation which would have been nice but I had a massage!!! Ok, sorry, I'm over it now I've said a million times!

What a lovely day chilling with my favourite person in the world. Thanks girls!

Look at how fat my hands are!!