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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

5 bottles of Damson wine

After having a sneaky taste of my wines last week i thought it was about time i bottled one of them. So now i have 5 bottles ready to take home for christmas! Very exciting! I`m not entirely sure they have come outhow they were supposed to; more of a rose wine rather than a red, but they still taste fine which is all i care about. Actually i am pretty pleased. A month ago it had such a strong, horrible after taste i was prepared to get rid of it all, all 27 bottles worth!! 3 gallons of it still has that taste but it has fermented longer so i am hoping that now it has settled it will improve like the bottled stuff has!
As you can see from the pictures i decided to take the labels off the bottles. I see why everyone in the forums suggests this isn't such a good idea. The stick is impossible to completely remove!! O well, lesson learned. I am slightly worried they are going to pop their corks as i have read many horror stories... I'm sure it will be fine, they havent fermented for weeks but its still a bit of a worry!
I look forward to toasting a fuzzy cristmas away with this lot, along with my mothers elderberry and apple wines :-D

Monday, 28 November 2011

We brought a rug instead....

A bit of a cop out really... i was looking forward to making a rug but once we saw the one we brought for such a good price it seemed like the best option as we are going to be stretched for time over Christmas! Too much to do and not enough time to do it!!
Just need to tidy up now
It's not even red!! At least it has a bit of red on it though to tie in the curtains! It actually looks really good.
I am going to have to find another Christmas project now.. maybe finish my pair of socks! Thats probably sensible.

We also put our first Christmas tree up over the weekend. Early I know but there is method in our madness!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

One sock down, one to go!

So I have spent this weekend finishing off my sock. I am soo proud of myself!! Only problem is you need two socks to make a pair!

O well, back to writing my dissertation :( one day i may have a pair!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Final rug idea...

After hours and hours of internet searching i have finally decided that I want to make a shaggy rag rug... It was mums idea but tostart with I didn't understand the appeal of a'rag rug' as she put it.. When I googled this the results i got was something along the line with this....
Although this is a very nice rug in itself this isn't really what i had in mind... The 'said' rug is destined to be in my lounge, in front of the fire and act as a cosy alternative the the wooden flooring around it!
In this photo you can see the rug that is there at the moment. Although it is a very nice rug which has served us well, its colour is very impractical as it is very large and the room it now resides in is very small. This would be fine apart from the fact that our front door opens straight into the room which means we (however hard we try not to) end up bringing in the dirtyness out outdoors straight in onto it!! A NIGHTMARE for cleaning! In fact, I am not sure if it will ever go completly back to its creamy colour! Such a shame.

Anyway, this leads me on the the final choice in rug...
Isn't it just adorable?!!! I love it.... ok so I wont be having those colours but I can imagine this will be sooo snuggley under toe! As shown in the post before i plan for it to be red to match the curtains.. However bevause it is basically made out from small strips of material tied to a rug canvas, there is no point in spending loads on a intricate fabric. As long as it is the right shade, maybe with a bit of variation, ill be quite happy!

The best part is that it can go in the washing machine!!!!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Christmas Project?

Ahh now i am back in uni it is impossible to do anything for myself... i have one toeless sock in process and another whole sock to knit; it's been like that since september!! It's sooo fustrating!!

Anyway... I asked my mother dearest for a new rug for Christmas. After looking at hundreds online we have decided they are either far too expensive, not the right size (mostly both) or not very nice so here comes the project... Making a 6ft x 6ft rug in two weeks!

Knitted rugs seemed like a very good idea to start with...
They look pretty cool but i was worried about it not lasing as we would be using it every day! I didn't want it to go all bobbley!

So what else could we have done? I considered those 'latch hook' rug kits with all the little bits of wool... but this would have taken FOREVER.... then i wondered about a nice tapestry rug.. but then i remembered how long it took mum to do her William Morris rug... about 10 years!! It's identical to this one...
And hanging on the lounge wall!!!

Then it hit me.... a quilted rug!! Last christmas my project was a quilted bag which i had so much fun making so this seems like the perfect solution.

Mum made a quilt (for the bed) out of very similar fabric which has given me inspirartion for the rug... although i lave been looking around on Ebay for different fabrics and have found some really nice patches in the right colour to match in with my curtains.But i fear that they may be a bit old looking, but then i do live in a cottage hundreds of years old so actually it might look the part!
Lets get a mood board going here....
This one is a bit more funky and new but i can't really see it working very well
However i can strangely see this one working well!
 I really like this one too but I think this will be a bit much for a rug!

I feel this is enough to be going on with for now, specially as mum just pointed out to me that the material will need to be more hard wearing than your average! A bit like the first two samples shown! Oh well, an excuse to go shopping very shortly!

Until next time..!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

My theory about risotto...

Ok so at the moment risotto seems to be my favourite food. I think this is because its warm and comforting now that the weather is turning cold.
Anyway my theory is that although people say that risotto is difficult to get right, I have never cooked a bad one.. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet or anything but it's true... although, having said that I have never had a risotto from a restaurant so I may think that mine is good but actually it's not...
So this means that my mission (if I choose to except it) is to eat a professionally cooked risotto and see how it compares... I shall keep you updated!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


So in preperation for next spring I have already started planting some seeds. This I find almost as interesting as watching the grass grow and thicken as it becomes established! I cannot wait until my garden looks full of colour!
Livingstone Daisies
Which will turn into...

Black Cornflower (centaurea)

Which will grow into....

Lupinus polyphyllus
Which will grow into...

I don't know if my flowers will be the same colours as these ones here.

And finally these....
These flowers were already here when we moved in and they were gorgeous. I don't know the name of them though... The old plant is still in place and the seeds have fallen of their own accord so will be very randomly placed but I really like that. Makes it much more authentic! Nature is fantastic.

I guess in a way my love of gardening and growing seeds very much reflects my job. Just this morning i brought a gorgeous little girl into the world, delivered into the arms of an incredible mother; her body taking over and allowing her to birth with not even a paracetamol for pain relief. Mother nature looked after her.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

So i decided to cut the grass...

And it looks much better... well from where i am sat right now anyway....
Apologies for the awful picture, I couldn't be bothered to move after a bust morning!
 I have finally taken down the maze of string and old CD's which was protecting the seed. If you get up close though it is still pretty bare in terms of actual grass coverage.
Even here it doesn't look too bad...

But then you see this.

And this.
But it's fine. It's a working progress and as my step dad said (who has been a gardener all his life but i still decided to ignore him), I am hoping for a miracle if I want a proper lawn growing under such a big tree (a damson tree!!). It has done much better than I expected already and actually the rest of the lawn which has been there forever is still pretty holey. When the heat of this indian summer dies down later i think giving it some water wouldn't hurt!
I just thought i would add a picture of our lovely cottage, sweet isn't it!

Oh and just for laughs, Scott trying to work out which way to undo a bolt... he still hasn't worked it out!

Thursday, 29 September 2011


When writing my post yesterday I completely forgot to include the amazing rainbow cake I made with my cousins. Now if this isn's the most amazing cake you have ever seen i will be shocked!

It tasted pretty good too!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Newbe Blogger

Hello anyone out there!

So i am completely new to 'blogging'. I got the idea for starting one by reading my cousins blog, Emilia Bird, and loving it! I am always undertaking all sorts of different projects and hobbies which i now will blog about all the time (as well as a load of other random rubbish I'm sure noone will care about). Unlike posting things on facebook, i know whomever reads this will be doing so because they want to... not just because is appears in their newsfeed.

As i have had many projects before now, i am going to post just a few pictures to get you all up to speed...

Wine Making

The Garden

When talking about the garden project i could include a million pictures and bore you to death with it so i won't.... but i LOVE it!!!! Everything from digging to pretty flowers to growing my own veg. If i could i would stay at home all day and spend all day on it!

Now this one i can keep you up to date with.. I am currently half way through the fist sock. I am soo proud of myself as it is the first thing i have ever knitting which looks remotely good... Back in 2009 i started knitting a cricket jumper. Last month i unpicked it and have started again so ill see how i get on with that too!

Well i think that is enough for now. Thank you for reading :)