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Sunday, 23 October 2011

My theory about risotto...

Ok so at the moment risotto seems to be my favourite food. I think this is because its warm and comforting now that the weather is turning cold.
Anyway my theory is that although people say that risotto is difficult to get right, I have never cooked a bad one.. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet or anything but it's true... although, having said that I have never had a risotto from a restaurant so I may think that mine is good but actually it's not...
So this means that my mission (if I choose to except it) is to eat a professionally cooked risotto and see how it compares... I shall keep you updated!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


So in preperation for next spring I have already started planting some seeds. This I find almost as interesting as watching the grass grow and thicken as it becomes established! I cannot wait until my garden looks full of colour!
Livingstone Daisies
Which will turn into...

Black Cornflower (centaurea)

Which will grow into....

Lupinus polyphyllus
Which will grow into...

I don't know if my flowers will be the same colours as these ones here.

And finally these....
These flowers were already here when we moved in and they were gorgeous. I don't know the name of them though... The old plant is still in place and the seeds have fallen of their own accord so will be very randomly placed but I really like that. Makes it much more authentic! Nature is fantastic.

I guess in a way my love of gardening and growing seeds very much reflects my job. Just this morning i brought a gorgeous little girl into the world, delivered into the arms of an incredible mother; her body taking over and allowing her to birth with not even a paracetamol for pain relief. Mother nature looked after her.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

So i decided to cut the grass...

And it looks much better... well from where i am sat right now anyway....
Apologies for the awful picture, I couldn't be bothered to move after a bust morning!
 I have finally taken down the maze of string and old CD's which was protecting the seed. If you get up close though it is still pretty bare in terms of actual grass coverage.
Even here it doesn't look too bad...

But then you see this.

And this.
But it's fine. It's a working progress and as my step dad said (who has been a gardener all his life but i still decided to ignore him), I am hoping for a miracle if I want a proper lawn growing under such a big tree (a damson tree!!). It has done much better than I expected already and actually the rest of the lawn which has been there forever is still pretty holey. When the heat of this indian summer dies down later i think giving it some water wouldn't hurt!
I just thought i would add a picture of our lovely cottage, sweet isn't it!

Oh and just for laughs, Scott trying to work out which way to undo a bolt... he still hasn't worked it out!