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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Final rug idea...

After hours and hours of internet searching i have finally decided that I want to make a shaggy rag rug... It was mums idea but tostart with I didn't understand the appeal of a'rag rug' as she put it.. When I googled this the results i got was something along the line with this....
Although this is a very nice rug in itself this isn't really what i had in mind... The 'said' rug is destined to be in my lounge, in front of the fire and act as a cosy alternative the the wooden flooring around it!
In this photo you can see the rug that is there at the moment. Although it is a very nice rug which has served us well, its colour is very impractical as it is very large and the room it now resides in is very small. This would be fine apart from the fact that our front door opens straight into the room which means we (however hard we try not to) end up bringing in the dirtyness out outdoors straight in onto it!! A NIGHTMARE for cleaning! In fact, I am not sure if it will ever go completly back to its creamy colour! Such a shame.

Anyway, this leads me on the the final choice in rug...
Isn't it just adorable?!!! I love it.... ok so I wont be having those colours but I can imagine this will be sooo snuggley under toe! As shown in the post before i plan for it to be red to match the curtains.. However bevause it is basically made out from small strips of material tied to a rug canvas, there is no point in spending loads on a intricate fabric. As long as it is the right shade, maybe with a bit of variation, ill be quite happy!

The best part is that it can go in the washing machine!!!!

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