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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The landlord said YES!

Wee! Very excited! Moving on from my last post, we went home for the weekend and I spent quite a lot of time annoying Richard about the best way to keep chickens; he thinks that as you can get such cheap all in one coop and run that that would be my best bet! Thinking about it, it would save me loads of time setting it all up too... I like ease! Also i am very unlikely to be able to get hold of a coop for under £50 like i said in my last post.

I have just been out to measure the space in the garden which they will be going.

This is the space back when i tried to grow grass... (although some very small clumps still remain somehow!)
So the space doesn't really look that big but 3.4m by 1.2m (the darn tree gets in the way!) isn't that bad! Acutally I'm finding it difficult to find a coop at a decent price which will fill it adequately. I don't mind if it is smaller but it would be nice for them to have as much run space as possible. The happier the chicken the better the eggs!


The reason i think this one is the best (that i have found so far, as i change my mind every 5minutes!) is because it is actually make for 9 large birds. Although to be fair that would probably be cramming the poor buggers in. Ok so I only want 2 chickens but this means that the run is much bigger to begin with. They reccomend that a chicken shouls have a minimum of 3 square feet of  run space; and this one has a total of 24 square feet. But for to the point you can buy run extensions! They are an extra £42 each which seems pretty steep but i can live with that.

As i will be getting them in June i hope that whenever i am there they will be able to roam free in the garden over the summer meaning that I could always add the extension in the winter when the weather goes bad. The main down side to this one is that is has felting on the roof and ladder which can be perfect sources for red mite. Ill find a way round that though, how hard can it be to take off? I will also put some tarpaulin on the top of the run to try and keep the ground underneath. soggy bottoms seem to me thain main culprit for the runs stinking the street out and complaining neighbours is really not cool!

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