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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kitchen Blind

Back home for the east holidays and I couldn't resist a project, particularly when I hate our current kitchen blind!

This is the material i have chosen! Isn't it lovely! I did worry that Scott wouldn't like it but he seems to!

The lining all finished!

Ill put a full photo on when it is up and fully working! It was lovely doing some sewing again but the maths involved with making a roman blind was annoying! Maths isn't my strong point!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not so Boob cakes!

The title of this entry may be a bit misleading but let me explain!

Tomorrow we are having a very small party like get together at uni in celebration of our last lecture and our favourite lecturer leaving to teach in Oxford. In our first year she taught us the basics of breastfeeding. So i thought it would be apt to make boob cakes, just like these...

But stupid Morrisons didn't have any royal icing. So now they are just normal iced cupcakes. A bit disappointing but never mind! Another time maybe!!

I have a feeling they may be a bit sickly! And i made soo much icing i had to throw some away! Whoops!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Supermarket Price Shock!!

Gosh everything has got soo expensive. Over the last few weeks we have not been shopping as we were going home every weekend and coming back with goodies from Scott's lovely mummy, and takeaways (whoops).

On Saturday we finally went shopping as we literally had nothing left in the house... And I came back ready to kill myself, it was soo depressing! Milk and bread cost a fortune, butter has gone up 30p a stick in the last few months, not to mention all the offers that aren't really offers, they just make you spend more money on stuff you didn't intend on buying. Meat is the worst, it's more expensive then it ever used to be and the choice is appalling! Usually we buy Turkey for curry as you get more for your money than chicken... only this time they didn't have any - not even an empty space on the shelf where it should be!!

It's a shame you have to eat really... Got you caught over a barrel and there's nothing you can do about it.

But this has spurred me on to become even more green fingered. I am going to cram pack my little garden with fruit and veg! OK so I don't actually need to worry about fruit, the damson, apple and pear tree does the job for me and we still have the strawberries from last year and hopefully cooking apples will fall from next door too!

In terms of veg I am planning to plant some runner beans, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber and maybe some sprouts... though i have to think space because my poor little garden is going to be jam packed along with the chickens too! It's a shame it would be practically impossible to cut out supermarket shopping all together, I hate them!

I am going to have to protect it all too as I plan on letting the chickens free range when were home too, the little buggers will eat everything! Hurry up planting season I am raring to go!!! I put up some netting earlier today to stop the cats defacating on the border where the majority of my veg will go. I brought tonnes of the stuff so im sure i can use it for the borders to stop the chickens also.

I was good and recycled some of the sticks which were hacked off the bush the other weekend!
Another Pic of the primroses coming though, this is the first one to flower
Apple tree bud!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Progress in the Garden!

What a manic weekend!! I knew i would pay for taking a day off by spending it in the garden on saturday; one of my caseloading ladies went into labour which i had to attend in the early hours of sunday morning! 12 hours working on very little sleep after a heavy day in the garden - BIG mistake!! Nevermind, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

But on a more positive note, the garden has had a complete overhall!! and project chicken is one step closer to being complete!! Take a look,

The before shot
I needed to get 3 slabs alongside eachother to be able to put the chicken run in properly. That obviously wasn't going to happen..... so i decided to completely change it all! I was going off the border at the back anyway.

And it was gone!
I planted the tulip bulbs in the border by the door. I don't know if they transport very well but they needed to be moved so we'll see!

The viola and the other thing with purple flowers under the rose bush; yes the stones came up!
The new, smaller, SOO much better flower border, where the chicken run was going to be. Thats going to be so pretty when the clematis' grow and the rose in the middle does too.
And there there chicken coop will be!

Overall garden shot. Alot of it is mud at the moment but I wil start re-grassing it shortly!

And this is Scott's handywork! I didn't get a before shot... We can now see through to the neighbours garden but we have some old bamboo fencing stuff which we will put up!

But as you can see, he did A LOT of chopping!
Theres still loads that needs to be done but it's a start! The to-do list includes...
  • Patch up the grass
  • Put the bamboo up
  • Plant some seeds and get some veg on the go for the other border
  • Paint the shed - that seriously needs doing!!
  • Stain the chicken coop and put it up
  • Ideally the damson tree needs a serious pruning too but i don't know that i want to take that on, may ask the landlord of she'll get someone proper in to do it!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Garden plans!

Gosh this month is going to be awful... I wish i would just skip it completely and move onto April... I have THREE whole weeks off!!!! Ok so ill still have to work work work.... but at least I should be able to spend a bit of time in the garden! And blimey does it need it! It's a MESS!!!

So the plan of things to do:

  • Level the back of the garden and lay the slabs. 
The chicken coop arrived on Wednesday, so all I need to do now is find some time to sort it all! Probably not looking at getting the actual chicken till easter... fitting I guess!

Free feeder and drinker... Cheap and cheerful so I think Ill be replacing these but not too bad for a back-up!

Part 1 and 2 out of 3, the other is in the lounge as it wouldn't fit in the shed!

  • Pick up all the cat poo (and maybe shoot a few cats if I catch the buggers!).

  • Dig up all the random primroses that have cropped up all over the place and re-plant them in some sort of order.

Although as I write this I am being told off by mother dearest, telling me I should leave them where they are because they are pretty. So maybe ill think about that one...

  • Take up some more of the stones which have been put down underneath the rose bush (see a couple of posts ago). 
I'm thinking that i can plant some viola there which will spread like wild fire but will cover the mud nicely - I don't want to put loads of plants down there as the rose is the main attraction if you see what I mean!

  • Plant some seeds.
All the ones I planted in the winder didn't survive so ill try some more. I would quite like to get one of those Mini greenhouse shelved things... I know what I mean!

  • Grow some more grass. 
Obviously not on the scale I tried last time but there is still an awful lot to do! Specially around the compost bin and theres a large patch that is mainly moss too... Maybe ill invest in some garden netting to stop the birds getting at it. They are starting to show their little faces again - a gorgeous little robin sat watching me through the winow this morning! Definately more interesting than doing the washing up!

I'm sure theres loads more I was thinking of too but my mind has gone blank, probably due to the two glasses of (rather stong) damson wine! It's very nice.... hic!