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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Most the veg is in!

Over the last few weeks I have spent a fair amount of time planting my veg and generally sorting the grarden. One minute it looks better, the next it is a mess again because I decide to change something!

But this was definately Scott's idea!

All i wanted was a bit of compost to go at the bottom of my Carrot tub!

The black pot is my Carrots, in the two either side are Sunflowers, just to add some colour and the trays are filled with  Lupin, Cornflower, Ice Plant seeds and some Sprout seeds. I can't remember which tray is which as I didn't think of labeling them untill after I moved them...

The two smaller ones either side are Lettuce and the one in the middle is Broccoli. My Mint plant at the back has died too... I don't think it liked the yeast sediment from the wine last year.

My strawberries are a lost cause. I want to start completely again with them, new container, the lot! I want to get some like these I found on ebay but I need to wait for more funds really! Also i won't be getting my plants for a minute either as I am stealing from the allotment at home.

The Chickens certainly enjoyed the mess!
Ginger playing 'Who's queen of the castle!'. Today was their first day free ranging. They have been so busy, specially helping Scott as you can see! They put themselves to bed like good girls again tonight - Scott thought Biscuit (the black and gold one) had escaped as he couldn't see her in the house at all, then realised that ALL three were crammed into ONE nest box!! Nutters!

Another of my projects for the day was to relocate the box we brought to store the chicken stuff in. It was down on the patio but it is so ugly I didn't want it near the house!It's very flimsy too so not our best buy really!

Much better!
Note the mess of the grass Scott made with moving the compost bin! May have to get the seed out again.. Not sure how much I can be bothered though really as the chickens only tear it up anyway

This is much better though I must say! By putting the bin on slabs hopefully Roger the resident rat will find somewhere else to sleep every night! He has been taking some of the poison so hopefully he'll disappear soon, although he is very big so I think it'll take a bit more to kill him off!!

Oh the other veg I've planted is the onion sets which are in the border you can see in the picture above. I will also be putting runner beans and fine beans in there too but it's a bit early for them yet! I will also do cucumbers but they don't have a home yet either. I assume they will need lots of sun so thats another thing to sort!

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