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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Risotto theory partially resolved

Back in October I posted my theory about risotto. Well to celebrating me GETTING THE JOB and Scott's birthday on Tuesday, we went to Jamie's Italian on Park Street! It's the second time we have been now and both times it has been really good!! This time I went for the truffle risotto... it was LUSH!!! Although it was very very good (obviously having truffle in it which I could never afford!) I don't think it was a million miles away from mine - It had lots more Parmesan in and probably alot of cream which makes it rich and lusciously fattening but to be honest it was almost too much; a slightly smaller portion and a side salad would have been more my taste I think! Probably because I never cook with cream or that much fat really either! So I guess my theory about risotto is only partially resolved, mine is good but not restaurant standard, but at the same time Jamie's didn't completely knock it out of the water... Oh well Scott will just have to keep treating me to expensive meals until this is sorted!

More chicken defences

I love letting the girls free range, they always look so happy and content BUT..... they are soooo destructive!!!! Over the last few weeks I have had to section off various parts of the garden to stop them wrecking it. Basically the only two parts of the garden not covered in ugly green netting was the pots at the front by the house, the pear tree and sunflower plants. They loved the pots at the front, so much so that my poor salad plants didn't stand a chance so yet more green netting has gone up! I did have some seed trays there too but they didn't really last, between me not protecting them from the weather and the birds using them as stepping stones they didn't stand a chance - what did survive has gone in the ground so we'll see if they come to anything

Its not the prettiest thing in the world but at least we should be able to enjoy some home grown lettuce, raspberries, carrots and strawberries! They have plenty of dust baths, but these ones are OUT OF BOUNDS!!! Not that it will completely stop them, specially when Silver likes to try and fly... try being the operative word though mind!! At least we don't have to watch then every second of the day now, just every other second instead!!

Being nosy!!

Finally got the runner beans, fine beans and a few more onions planted this week also, probably a bit late now but I am getting there slowly!! Some of the surviving seedlings included sprouts and broccoli which are now safely up the back of the garden out of harms way!

How long untill I have to section off the fruit trees and sunflowers......

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Miserable - a bit like the weather

Well I am on my own this week. Scott has gone to Birmingham with work so I am all alone and feeling sorry for myself! It doesn't really help that I am STILL waiting to hear about this job! Okay they did say two weeks which is up on Friday but i really thought it would be quicker! My references were contacted last Friday so I was cautious about not getting my hopes up but it's just dragging on and on which makes me fear the worst!! Gosh I am so so so impatient! I had a call on my mobile yesterday which never happens so my heart jumped only to learn that it was a wrong number!!!! I couldn't believe it! I need to chill out but everything else is so stressful too, what with my dissertation in in 5 weeks.... I need a holiday!

Anyway, rant over and back to what I was meant to be writing about... We had lovely weather one day over the weekend so we spent most the day outside working which was lovely. The chickens loved it too, Silver is getting very friendly bless her!

Then helping me with my dissertation, doesn't she look comfy!
Yesterday she spent about half an hour sat on my lap, daft bird! They haven't been quite so happy today unfortunately... I had a long day at work and didn't let them out until late and it was only whilst i cleaned them out. Silver laid her biggest egg to date, a 55g one! Thats big for her! Ginger however had laid two softies, the first time I have seen one, I checked her over and she seems okay so I am not worried, just a blip and shes still only young!

It was odd though really, I guess Ginger laid first and they took her by surprise as they were in the house by the door and they always lay in the box! Funnily enough Silver followed suit and laid her perfect egg right next to them! Bless! I would say I hope I have a quieter day tomorrow and nicer weather so they can come out for longer - I very much doubt that is gonna happen though..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I obviously needed some help....

Today I gave the chicken coop a deep clean.. and as you can see I had two little helpers... who weren't so helpful to be honest. With all the wet weather we have had all they managed to do was get muddy foot prints all over the place!

Very shortly after taking this photo Silver decided she didn't like the current arrangement, and showed her dislike my pecking at my trousers angrily! So impatient, the bedding still wasn't in! Give me a minute girls!!

On a slightly different birdy topic; the great tits have hatched in the bird box! Every time I walk past I can hear them cheeping away asking mummy for food! Wasn't do impressed with the Magpie though, I saw him peering into the box, luckily he can't fit in but still too close for my liking. The mini perch attached to the house has broken off too.... I wonder who is responsible for that...