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Thursday, 3 May 2012

I obviously needed some help....

Today I gave the chicken coop a deep clean.. and as you can see I had two little helpers... who weren't so helpful to be honest. With all the wet weather we have had all they managed to do was get muddy foot prints all over the place!

Very shortly after taking this photo Silver decided she didn't like the current arrangement, and showed her dislike my pecking at my trousers angrily! So impatient, the bedding still wasn't in! Give me a minute girls!!

On a slightly different birdy topic; the great tits have hatched in the bird box! Every time I walk past I can hear them cheeping away asking mummy for food! Wasn't do impressed with the Magpie though, I saw him peering into the box, luckily he can't fit in but still too close for my liking. The mini perch attached to the house has broken off too.... I wonder who is responsible for that...

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