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Friday, 29 June 2012

New Furniture!

Today involved a lovely trip to Ikea, don't you just love that place!! Getting lost following the arrows in to the deepest depths of flat pack hell!

It was worth it though as we have changed our large ugly table for a cute little drop leaf one with two matching chairs!


It looks great and makes the room feel huge in comparison to before! As you can see we have done an awful lot of tidying up too! The rug and the coffee table haven't been put back in this picture but it's obvious how much difference it makes!! As part of the clean up we pulled out the sofa and got behind there too... It was shocking how much dust accumulates! I would have taken a picture of that too but frankly it was embarrassing!

It would have been nice to put a little unit under the mirror there but as I write this Scott is in the process of stretching his drums out even more so that space is slowly becoming much smaller! Ill guess ill let him off though as there will now be much more space at the foot of the stairs!!

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