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Saturday, 30 June 2012

That was a quick knit!

I have spent most the afternoon relaxing and knitting my camera case and it has come put pretty well!

Yesterday the pattern was driving me mad and couldn't get my head round the idea at all... but when i picked it up today it just flowed! It looks really smart too!

minus the camera, as I couldn't take the photo with it in!

I knitted a little tie too to finish it off too. I couldn't work out the ending of the bottom with the decreases in the original pattern. I am pretty sure I was doing it correctly so unless I messed up my calculations right at the beginning I think it was the pattern which was wrong? But I am only a novice knitter so it probably was me! In the end  I just gave up and just cast off. It has still come out well!

I think my next knit will be a knitting bag! I need somewhere to keep all the bits I am starting to collect.

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