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Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Dictionary Of...


After finishing the rug I spent ages searching the tinterweb for a new project and came across these! I haven't done cross stitch for years! In total there are 12 kits in the 'Dictionary Of' series all of which i love and fully intend on completing them all over time! I plan to frame and hang them on the wall... which wall I don't know as hopefully we will be well on our way to buying our own place by the time I have done several (if not all) of them! 

The Piglet Rug

Roughly 10+ years or so ago (and that's really rough!) myself and the family took a day trip to Minehead and ended up in an arts and crafts shop as Richard was heavily into his painting at the time. Me and mother ventured to the textiles area and was lost in the sheer amount of different projects! Being only 12ish the prospect of starting a project that was much bigger than a pencil case or cross stitch card was amazing so when mum gave in and brought me the almighty Piglet rug I was over the moon! It was pretty expensive so it was on the proviso that I worked really hard to actually finish it.... Well... TEN years later and it's finally done!!!

It hadn't been touched for years so this is how it looked out of the bag when I fetched it from home. Much of that I had had help with, the novelty of having a large project soon wore off when I realised how LONG they can take!

Though having said that, with the recent weather and a bit of motivation it didn't take that long in the end! I probably have more patience now too..

So its not actually completely finished yet either, it needs backing and I'm not really sure how to do this yet. Any suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I am now the proud owner of.....

BSc Midwifery First Class Honours Degree!

THAT'S ME! I passed my dissertation, giving me a first overall! I am so over the moon; I worked so incredibly hard the last three years and finally it is paying off! Results were published online so ill need to go in later to pick up my official results and feedback but who really care what it says? I PASSED!

Just seven and a half weeks of placement left  until I am officially finished then the world is my oyster! Well I say that, hopefully ill be staying in Bristol but I am still waiting to hear about that!

Monday, 9 July 2012

How (not) to save an Orchid

I don't have a very good track record in looking after orchids. My first one died because I kept it in the conservatory at home over the winter and the cold killed it. And my second one isn't doing too well either.

This was it last year, in full bloom as it came from the shop. But it's gone drastically downhill from there...

First of all I don't think I watered it enough, once every 3-4 weeks if it was lucky. The leaves went all shriveled and brown; and one fell off. Then as I realised I had neglected it I then watered it every other day or so! It probably thought a tsunami had hit or something!

So I started reading about Orchid care and the first thing I learned was that they dislike sitting in water as they are generally dry plants... That probably explains why it never died when I didn't water it as it still had access to water. It also explains why its root system is it a pretty bad state of repair!

I am now watering it the recommended every 7-9 days ideally with rain water (which there is plenty of right now!), allowing it to drain through rather than sit in the bottom. I have also moved it from the direct sunlight of the window as this can scorch it and I have tried to keep the leaves moist (i hate that word) because apparently they like that too!

So this is it several months later. As you can see the original flowers are now long gone but there is definitely new growth with a little flower bud starting to grow. The leaves are looking much more healthy also.

It was going so well until I watered it again this morning. I don't think it liked being moved and the bud fell off!!! Seriously not happy now; I had put so much work into it and I thought it was starting to pay off but obviously not. It really isn't my year for anything green fingered........

URGH! I give up.

4 days ago I planted my beans into the border.... It has taken 4 days for half of them to be EATEN!!!!

The egg shells haven't made a blind bit of difference! I don't think i have the energy left to try again, let alone enough time left in the season to salvage anything now. Only the onions have done any good, and even they are taking their time about it. There is a garden up the road from ours which have onion plants twice the size of mine. In terms of slug repellents I don't really know what else to do now as I have to be so careful with what I use because of the chickens. They don't usually get on the border but the second I use something you can guarantee they will find their way in and poison themselves!

I am no longer a happy gardener.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

I doubt it will make a difference but...

I have spent the day trying to improve the garden in an attempt to limit the damage this chicks do! See my last post to see the mess they can make... hopefully this will make things a little easier to cope with!

New grass seed laid
 This may have been a silly idea but I thought I would give it a go since I have so much seed left from last year. I have sectioned off the area in which we usually use to get to the nest box so I had to prune back all the shrubs round the back of the run so we have a walk through. It took ages and ages to peel off all the ivy on the fence, I hate the stuff grrr!

I wish I had taken a before shot as its surprising how much I have chopped it all back! I also took the chance to plant my bean plants as the netting was all pulled back. There will be more to go in there but they are still too small to go in the ground yet!

I have covered the bottoms in egg shell in a vain attempt to protect them from the slugs.

I was looking on the net yesterday for some lawn edging to help prevent the chicks flinging the stones into the grass. For bamboo edging B&Q wanted £10 a metre more or less!! You gotta be kidding me! So I decided to make my own from the left over screening from the flat. Its only sat by the shed so I may as well make use of it!

Its original use!

I wasn't sure about what it would look like to begin with but it is growing on me actually, it kinda sections the garden off into areas which looks quite smart! We need to find a new home for the boulders next to the chicken box but they are far too heavy for me to lift on my own so that will have to wait for now!

I finally took down and dealt with the hanging baskets too. They didn't do too well as I didn't water them enough. The one remaining plant was put to good use though!

Like butter wouldn't melt!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I smell like a sewer

But for good reason I promise! The rain has completely turned the chicken run to a slurry pit again so I have spent the afternoon attempting to dry it up a bit and sanitise it. The smell before was horrendous, I don't think Silver and Ginger were very impressed... The house also had a good clean out too, I always hate the thought of doing it but once I get out there I don't mind really!

One thing that is bugging me though, there's a family of earwigs living in one corner of the house. Now I have tried getting rid of it but they keep coming back. It makes me wonder; if earwigs are not being killed by the red mite powder then does that mean any potential red mites aren't either? There is no sign of any so far but I want it to stay that way!

I am glad my chicks have fun free ranging the garden but they are a pain in the arse sometimes! Ill forgive them for the constant supply of poo (it's much better than the cats!) but the general need to wreck EVERYTHING is a little excessive. Just the other day we heard this all mighty sqark and flap of feathers. Instantly thinking they were being murderd but a cat (or worse) we raced to the door, flung it open and found that Ginger had knocked over one of my heavy flower pots!!!

Thanks for that then! In all fairness I blame Scott for balancing it precariously on the rockery but even so, I spend more time clearing up after them then I do actually gardening!

Stones in the grass is a big pet hate of mine. Every time I rake them back I end up pulling out the grass. Theres not a lot of it as there is!

And more grass digging! This patch is looking barer and barer each day that passes, the rain turning what is left into a mud pit doesn't help either!

2 lovely fresh eggs a day goes a long way to making up for it though I guess!

Now I'm off for a bath!