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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Do I hate knitting?

Or do I hate this project and need to learn to admit defeat?

I first decided I wanted to knit a cricket jumper in 2008 when Scott played 20/20 matches every other week or so. He had this really nice cricket jumper which I used to wear  when sat at the sidelines freezing my tits off watching him play! I don't really know why that inspired me to make one but I think I was just looking for a project and that seemed to be a good idea. Also it was around the time where that girl from xfactor wore one which then meant it became the height of fashion all over the country. Pretty sad really.

I have started and restarted this project so many times it's not even funny anymore. The bloody thing is soo frustrating, which I assume is because 1. I have quite a short attention span so get bored quickly and 2. my knitting skills really aren't that good, however hard I try.

I seem to be relatively successful at small projects like my camera case and a pair of socks; though even they took me the best part of a year! I even knitted a pair of boobs for university once which were great as they only took about an hour!

Before you all think I'm crazy, the knitters of our cohort were asked to do these to help the cohorts below us learn about breastfeeding and expressing. They weren't just for the hell of it!

***I have noticed that this post is getting a lot of hits from google images because of my boobs!I wondered if this is because people are looking for patterns, well if you are then then it was the Tommee Tippee one I used***

When I picked up my cricket jumper after a long long break it looked like this.

Now the easiest thing would have been to carry on. But I didn't. You can't really tell from the photo but my tension was all over the place and it looked a complete mess so I took it back to the colour band and started the cable again.

The time before this I also ended starting completely again too. I had got half way through the back piece and realised I had already used 4 balls of wool and I only had 7 for the whole thing. Basically mum said that my tension was far too tight so I unpicked it all and started again on larger needles. This is important for the what comes later on in this story....

Most of this project (so far) was completed on nights and the rest I have done in the last few weeks after finishing uni. I have FINALLY finished the back pannel...

It has it been a drag and I am not really happy with it even now. It looks absolutely massive! I was sat finishing the last few rows last night and it was like a blanket draped down to my ankles! I followed what the pattern says for the size and believed it as it states that any extra length is taken up in the arm holes... I wasn't convinced though so put it up against Scott for measurement. It is on the longer side but actually will be fine I think; whereas for me it will be like a dress! going back to what I said before about the amount of wool it's used... well that's 5 of the balls already gone. Although the wool has gone further this time I still can't see the whole of the front panel being made up of just 2 balls...

This poses a real problem though. The wool was brought 4 years ago. I can still get hold of it but it will be impossible to match the dye/lot numbers. I did try looking around on the internet as Mum said that shes managed to match balls before. I can't seem to find anything though. So what do I do.... Do I start the front panel with the 2 remaining balls and then buy some more to carry on with? Or do I buy some more wool and have the whole of the front piece in the same lot number. I think that's probably most wise as if there is a slight difference in colour hopefully it wont be too noticeable; but that's then 2 wasted balls. And more to the point, why is my knitting so totally different from what the patten states!! Does this mean that every time I knit something I am going to need half the amount all wool extra? That is just stupid.

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