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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Crochet injuries

Well yesterday was a productive day; finished 2 of the 4(.5) Christmas bags (all bar sewing in the loose ends), cleaned the bathroom and crocheted 3 more granny squares!

I am getting used to crochet a bit more now, however I do seem to be developing injuries that can only be related. Before bed last night I had swollen knuckles and a sore hand; probably from where I am holding the wool/hook quite tight as its still a bit alien to me. Also I had blinking sore bottom teeth (yes definitely related!). I have never had this before with any of my other projects so I can only assume that I am concentrating so hard that I am pushing my top teeth against the bottom ones! Its obviously subconscious as I keep telling myself to stop doing it then 10 minutes later realise they are hurting again! By the end of the evening one tooth was full on out of place (well slightly)...

So in the name of craft I shall end up with arthritis and buck teeth!

Still a little way to go before I have a blanket!

1 comment:

  1. Ah - you've done it!! good work my dear. it took me very many attempts to get the hang of this - but keep going and it does get easier! it actually becomes very very addictive and your blanket will be finished in no time :) xx