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Thursday, 11 October 2012


Can be a pain in the arse!

I have just finished the ruffled bag I spoke about in my last post. It's taken much longer than I thought for two reasons. The first reason being that that day at home I took to do it we spent in Wellington; then when I then got the sewing machine back to Bristol, I ran out of cotton so had to wait for a new bobbin arrive. The other reason it took so long is that I have quickly learned that making ruffles can be somewhat time consuming if you want it to look right!

My first mistake was with the cutting of the fabric; right where you don't want to make a mistake! I was using mums wonderful craft mat, quilting ruler and rotary cutter. Stupidly I lined my fabric up on 1 inch instead of 0, making it an inch too short once cut! Maths was never my strong point. Luckily I have got away with it as the bag pannels are in 2 sections so I just made the other pannel an inch longer. You would never know if I hadn't of said!

Much of the bag design consisted of gathering. Although I have done it before I don't remember it being as much as a pain at this. Maybe I found it more difficult because it needs to look good because it makes up the mian style of the bag. I dunno.

Once I got the hang of it it came together pretty quickly and I soon had the lining and outer ready to put together.


The straps also had ruffles on them. These were by far the hardest to get right at they were small and long so fiddley to get right. I stitched the edges to stop them fraying, giving me chance to play with some of the cool stitches mums sewing machine can do. Many of the edging stitches didn't really work with the material which was fustrating. I think it was because it was such a thin piece to sew, it didnt flow that well.

As most bags are, the lining and the main part of the bag were sewn together inside out then turned the right way for finishing. Well this caused another massive brain ache for me as I couldn't work out which way they the straps needed to be so they were sitting right when turned the right way! After 2 failed attempts I gave up, cut open the seam in four places (where they were sewn into the inside the lining haha), tucked them back in the right way and sewed the holes up again! My patience was wearing thin by then! Got there in the end though!

Just because I hadn't yet had enough of ruffles I also added a flower to make the front more interesting as I didn't put the hoops in for the straps like the original pattern wanted. The flower was the easiest part of all of it. However, in my true idiot style it took me three attempts to position it right on the bag. Also I was going to have 3, one larger one then two smaller each side but my large one ended up being so large I thought I would leave it there! I have some material left over if I want to add more in the future; though having said that I still need to make the matching purse so I doubt there will be much left after that.

This was the first time I had made a flower and I could only find one tutorial which came close to the sort of thing I wanted. I kind of followed it but instead of having one long piece of fabric I used a 3in by 21in piece for the outside and 1.5in by 21in for the inside. So it matched (and didn't fray), I egded the fabric like I did the straps.I think the sparkly button in the middle finishes it off nicely!

I have put a zip in it like I said I wanted! However I made it up as I went along so it probably could have been much better if I had followed a tutorial for recessed zips, theres plenty out there!

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