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Monday, 28 January 2013

The wolds most annoying skirt

I made myself a skirt! And what a pain in the ass it was. It nearly ended up in the bin several times but I'm glad I persevered as it's actually come out alright!

It's meant to be a mini-skirt. Well it's certainly mini!! Even with the rather wide waistband added. In my true style of sewing it was a bit slap dash in the end. I basically just added a band of fabric to the top; although it needed a bit of fashioning at the sides because it didn't fit properly.

I wonder if ill actually wear it!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


It's been an eventful few weeks, and I don't know where to start really!!

To begin with I have now rotated onto Delivery Suite which is very scary. I obviously think MUCH harder when I am there as I am having VERY bizarre dreams all very much work the oddest one I was pregnant and very overdue and kept complaining that they wouldn't induce me, then to be told that I wasn't 42+ weeks, I was actually 22 weeks with twins, hence why I was fat.... then they got the social workers involved because they thought I was mad....

I am NOT pregnant, nor do I intend on getting any time soon, particularly with twins!! Maybe I am a little mad though.

We have also had the builder and boiler man in. I dunno what was wrong with the boiler - didn't particularly care either, Scott sorted that. The builder was a bit more of a pain though unfortunately. This winter our poor little cottage has struggled with damp - probably as its been such a wet year. Because of this we have had 4 patches of the plaster replaced downstaires. VERY disruptive and VERY messy!

Two biggest patches in the Lounge. 
I'm glad it's done now as we no longer have to wipe the walls down but it was such a pain, and we cant decorate for a month so it's not exactly pretty here at the moment, and everything is still all over the place. Hopefully we will bring the table back down tomorrow though as I want to do some more sewing!

It's also been snowy. It's a shame really though as usually I really enjoy the snow but this time I just found it a pain as it made it stressful getting to work.

Snow days aren't allowed in my profession as babies don't hang on!

But onto the most important news.... after 6 and a bit years, Scott PROPOSED on the 15th!!!!

He first did it with a lovely little charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet. Then last Tuesday we had a lovely day in Bath ring shopping. First of all we went around all the high street jewelers and almost brought one in Goldsmiths. They didn't have it in my size though so decided to go to lunch and think about it... Luckily we did really as we accidentally came across an antiques place so went in and had a look...

And came out with this! It sooo much better than anything on the high street. Aged 1910 (ish), 18ct yellow gold with a platinum setting. Were not entirely sure of the diamond weight but the guy reckoned over half a carat in total. Ill have it properly valued one day. The one on the high street was only 9ct gold and 0.25ct diamond and more expensive!! pfft! I think I love this one even more because it's antique! Certainly special to me.

Very excited!! We won't be getting married just yet though as we went to buy a house first and are frantically saving all our pennies for that. Hopefully wont be too long though and that hasn't stopped me starting to plan things.

I have already decided on the colour scheme, teal and fuchsia. I NEVER thought I would go for pink but doesn't it look just gorgeous!

I think ill make my bridesmaids dresses and possibly my own too, though that seems very daunting as they can be very intricate. I tend to be a bit slapdash with my sewing so don't know if I could do it justice!

I think I know where I would like to get married too but lets not get too ahead of myself! Not in Bristol anyway!

Oh and I forgot!! My 6 month contract at work has been extended to a year!

Life is good.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Psycho Rat

I can't believe it's 2013 already! Christmas went so fast! It was an odd one this year as we were in Bristol right up until xmas eve because I had to work. We felt like we missed out on the build up I guess! Got some good time at home though as my shifts were kind to me.

On return after New Years it seemed that the chickens have had a rather unwelcome guest.. Mr Rat, burrowing into their run to get at their food. GRRR!!

Their food is usually just to the side of where he's dug his hole. For the first few nights we just covered the holes over again but that didn't put him off at all! So at the moment we have been removing their food overnight to stop him. One evening Scott saw the bugger in there so ran up the garden and shut him in! He went absolutely psycho, bouncing off the sides of the run until he realised he could burrow himself out; FAR too quickly as by the time Scott had got the spade he was gone!

We have had a resident rat before, they were living in the compost for a while so we slabbed underneath it. Certainly hasn't been back over there I think there are two or three other places he could be living. Either next doors garden (it's like a jungle!), under the trellis pots in the border or (most likely) under the ivy the other side of the fence; that's the way he seems to run and hide when you scare him off.

In the past we have used poison but because he's getting very brazen and getting close to the chickens I don't want to risk using it too close to them, they really are very dumb and would definitely eat it! Instead this time we have brought a trap. It came today and will go out tonight when the chickens get shut in.

I'll keep you posted...!