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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Day in the Life...

... Of a Chicken!

I can't work out whether they are very intelligent, or very stupid... probably a bit of both! Although they are very annoying at times I have become very used to having them and thought it was about time I shared some of their quirks!

First and foremost:


Ginger is an egg machine!! Over the summer she laid 152 days in a row, more or less exactly the same time every single day, without exception. Her largest being over 100g, that must have hurt! She hates being left out too; almost every time she goes into lay she will be out again in a flash if she hears something interesting. We try not to venture out when shes in because it only disturbs her! Often she will run in, bang it out, then rejoin Silver ASAP. It's a good job too really as Silver doesn't like being on her own at all, She stands there creating until Ginger comes out again, either that or we have to keep her company to keep her quiet. Quite frustrating!

One morning we let them out of their house, the both came running down the garden in a rush to get to their food. Ginger suddenly stopped. Got herself into a really bizzare stooping position (a little like they do when plopping out a rather large poo)... then decided to drop a egg right in the middle of the garden!! She didn't think anything of it and carried on down to the food! It certainly gave us the giggles though.

Silver, on the other hand, is rather lazy when it comes to laying. Usually she has a break every 3-6 days depending on how she feels. Back in November she stopped laying all together and started loosing some feathers. She was just under a year at the time so too young to be moulting really but we couldn't work if there was anything else wrong with her. Her poo was slightly on the runnier side but not awful and in every other way she was absolutely fine. So we waited it out....  In January we started to notice what Scott called 'chicken dandruff' in their house and around the garden where she pruned herself. After Googling it it all seemed to fit in line with her moulting (apparently they get chicken dandruff when the new feathers break through the skin, or something like that). Then eventually (after 80 days of no eggs) she decided to lay again; and has more or less gone back to her normal pattern. One can only assume...

Silver caught in the act! Shame it blurred.

Landscape Gardeners

As chickens are very well known for; they have done a pretty impressive job at stripping my garden of any grass that struggled to live there. I had had an ongoing problem with getting the grass to grow because of the damson tree, but getting chicken was the final nail in the coffin!

As you can see, grass did reside there once upon a time (it looks very miserable now).. The chicken defenses didn't last long either. The little bamboo fencing was put up to stop them scratching all the stones into the grass. So opposed to this idea not only have they decided to break down the fencing but many of the stones are now spread over the mud. Now the plan will be to gravel the whole garden but I wish they would wait until the spring when we are ready too!

Ginger has recently decided that my rose bush need pruning too. After devouring all the leaves at easy reaching level, she continued to hop up and down to reach the higher ones! I wish I had videod her it was very comical (if she does it again I will)! Regularly my apple tree gets dug up too; she must like pears though as she leave that tree alone!

The green netted fences don't seem to pose them an issue any longer either. If it's in the way, they either peck or simply keep walking/barging into it until they get through. The little buggers found their way round the back of the run and into the last remaining border too. Not by going round the back, but by going over the top!

When we move they will be having a large walk in run which they wont be coming out of! Well maybe on special occasions...

Dissertation Writers

This is my favourite photo, Silver helping me with my dissertation out in the sinshine, and then taking a nap when it all got too much!

Not to mention joining us on a summer afternoon, how sociable!

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