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Friday, 15 February 2013


'Cause you gave me magical
I gave you wonderful
Let's make this biblical
And hang from our invisible cords
Biffy Clyro, Biblical

(I like those lyrics and wanted to write them somewhere...)

It's been a weird day today; Mum and Richard moved from the 'family house' as such, OK I didn't really live there for that long but it still feels a bit odd. Specially when the move from Grantlands we did together, a family event I suppose. We couldn't be there today because of work/uni. It made me look on Rightmove for pictures of the old house which brought back a lot of memories.

Aspen Close

Even though Grantlands was a pain in the arse towards the end (with dead rats rotting underneath the bathroom floorboards etc.) we did love that house. I (/we) never loved Aspen Close even though it was a lovely and big and not in need of constant work. 

The move has made me think of how much has happened in the last six-seven years......

Finishing school - never thought that would happen.

Meeting Scott - who'd have known were'd be engaged now!

Doing my A-Levels - Really miss our random trips out to take loads of photo's for photography.

Earning money! Even if it was only at Morrisons and Tesco.

Deciding what I wanted to do with my life and getting into university.

Moving away from home and setting up home with Scotty - contracts means business, and chickens!

Actually finishing uni - and getting a first!!

Starting my career! At 23 that is pretty daunting in itself!

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