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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Better get my sewing cap on!

All of a sudden I seem to have an awful lot to do, and I only seem to be getting busier!

This weekend just gone was the Spring Quilt Show. Only about half the size of the Stitches Show but very interesting, and some VERY talented people there. I wish I had taken my camera but I kinda assumed that we wouldn't be allowed to take pictures of the art work! Everyone was though. Bummer...

But never mind, I can share with you the goodies I brought. There were hundreds and hundreds of Fat Quarters for sale, all the stalls competing price wise. I was actually very restrained as I already have loads of fabric I haven't used yet. I didn't want to go buy randomly with no real projects in mind. And in actual fact I didn't buy a single FQ...

But there would have been no point going if I didn't treat myself a little bit!

This will be ANOTHER bag! My last bag didn't cut the mustard so to speak. So this will be the new one. The fabric was an absolute steal and I am really looking forward to starting it. I haven't completely decided on the style yet, but you know ill be updating you when it's all done!

This is destined to be a wall decoration! Probably for the kitchen... well not my current kitchen as there's no wall space but eventually. Isn't it just adorable! Just to stick to my previous comment about not buying FQ's, the two matching fabrics are half metres (so more expensive at £7 each!!)

I also invested in some applique stabiliser (seen in the first picture). Again it was quite expensive but specially designed by the lady at the show (can't remember her name/info so will update when I get it out of my stash box again). Basically you cut the shape out, sew it to the fabric, then make a slit in the stabiliser, turn it inside out (well the right way round) then iron flat. She made it look really easy...Although to be fair, I may have just been enticed by the attractive sales pitch as I have never done applique properly before so... We'll see!

I also soaked in loads of advice RE. free motion sewing. Everyone said that if it is something you have never done before, make sure you practice on small projects before you even consider stitching a large project. I didn't let on that I was going to attempt to free motion my quilt at my VERY FIRST project.. I think sensibly I have listened to everyones advice and decided to use standard decorative stitches to finish my quilt rather than ruin it! Ill practice my free motion stills before attempting something so big I think! Also, I can't seem to get hold of the foot I need for the sewing machine at the moment - a tad annoying as the quilt top has been finished for weeks!

Instead I invested in some pretty variated cotton, I think it will really do the quilt justice!

I saw variated cotton being used by a few of the industrial machines set up to do free motion. I can't wait to try it out!

This concludes my day out at the Quilting Show, but the list of jobs continues! 

My main priority is a couple of table runners for my best girlies, Sam and Natalie. I promised them ages ago and we finally managed to go fabric shopping a week or go ago..

They will be very pretty! And look so gorgeous in their swanky new flat. I also said I would make a few cushion covers for Sam's room (the white and pink fabric). At the very least I should be able to get those done over the next few weeks. 

I think my last venture to rant on about is the making of my NEW ONLINE SHOP!!!! My talented brother offered to make me a shop to sell all my bits and pieces which we finally got round to doing this weekend. It's much better then I ever imagined it would be.. The only problem at the moment it I don't have anything to sell and a list of projects so long it might take a while until I do! Though having said that, I am keen to take custom orders from people so if orders start coming in I can add them to the list! Exciting times! 

Well I say exciting... no doubt it'll be a big flop and no-one will care but we'll see how it goes!

Now, time for my bedtime as it's getting late and I still have another busy week left ahead of me. On the upside though we pick up our brand spanking shiny new car on Friday!!! Yippee!


1 comment:

  1. Looks like a good haul!
    Don't worry about not taking your camera - sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the looking and the experience without thinking of documenting.