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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Musical Plants

What a wonderful day it has been today! Temperatures hitting the dizzying heights of 15 degrees and not a single cloud in the sky! Unfortunately I've just finished nights so had to sleep half the day but I made the most of what I did see!

My garden has been in dire need of some attention for quite some time. The full extent of the neglect is very sad... and the downright abuse the chickens give it is showing more than ever. When Scott finishes uni we plan to completely gravel the mud but we just don't have the time right now. 

But for now I have made a little headway. The poor plants in the back border have been moved yet again ready for when it will be replaced with gravel. They are now residing in the side border where I attempted to grow runner beans last year

Journey of my plants! Well some of them anyway

They seem to cope with the move each time bless them! They actually look really nice there to I can't wait to see them when the get going properly. They will have more sun in the new spot too so hopefully they will do better. 

I have also planted plenty of cornflower and sunflower seeds in there. I really wanted some meadow seeds but I don't know what I have done with them so that will be my next buy (along with a new fork and trowel as mine have been well loved)!

If this weather continues tomorrow I will be badgering Scott to help me empty the bottom of the compost bin (it's too full and heavy to do by myself). I want to give my strawberries, raspberries and fruit trees some TLC. I also need to get some lettuce on the go and maybe the carrots and beans again. I think I may leave it at that this year though. I have so much else going on what with the sewing etc. I can't be bothered with the let down if it all fails like last year.


  1. Oooo, someone else with musical plants. I think my bedding plants have visited every pot in the garden, and as for the Azalea...! :D x

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