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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day Two...

And it's finally looking like we have done something!

I don't know where the day has gone really. We started off taking yesterdays rubbish down the tip (very gingerly trying to keep the new car clean). We then got stuck in levelling the ground (as much as possible) and making/putting down the new border. We even managed to get some of the gravel down. I have to say it is starting to look really smart!

So far we have used all the stones stored from the last time I took up landscape gardening. We also started moving some from the front of the garden to the back. In doing this the cogs started whirring in terms of making bigger, more elaborate plans for the garden....

The idea is that (as planned) the back of the garden will be gravelled, the border along the fence protected from the chickens. Then (the new exciting plans!!!) instead of re-doing the rest of the gravel, having then to buy more any try and match it, to put up and fence from the back of the shed to the other side of the garden. This would keep the chickens from the rest of the garden. The fence would be relatively and probably made mainly from chicken wire and probably my trellis boxes so that my climbers can create the partition and make it pretty.

The new fence will run from the back of the shed to the opposite wall
 With the chickens kept to the back of the garden I can then utilise the sun at the front! We will probably keep the stepping stones, extend them to the gate and create a proper gravel path around them and then put 2 or 3 raised wooden bed boxes along the hedge and grass around them!

I'm so excited! I can't wait to update again! x

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