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Saturday, 29 June 2013

I struggled today (day six)

Today was hard work. I couldn't be a full time labourer. It's too much hard work! I am a sole worker now too as the rest of the garden is mine to do what I like. Scott did mention about helping put in the slabs as we need a path to the gate but he decided to dismantle the lounge instead. We had the wall replastered back in January and only now have we got round to repainting it.

But anyway back to the garden...

My main aim for today was to plant the clematises along the trellis. One of which made it's way there, but there was a change of plan with the other... In order to remove it from its old home I had to dismantle my trellis box. I was a little sad about this but it was falling apart.

It's new home

Last years flowers

Notice on the trellis the bottom holes have been made half the size to stop those naughty chickens escaping!

The box the other clematis was in is in much better condition so I didn't really want to sacrifice it. I am also not sure I want to mix the clematis and passion flower but at least the passion flower has some growing to do before I have to make up my mind. I think this one will be pretty enough on it's own.

The other clematis got has a new home down next to my strawberries.

spot it in the background there

Note the chicken defenses have gone! Taking that down was a special moment for me! I never want to see that horrible green netting again. The above picture is pretty rubbish really but there is so much crap on the patio at the moment it was difficult to get a better one. The pinky purple of the flowers look really pretty against the white of the wall. What I would really like to do is attach trellis to that back wall and grow the passion flower along the wall. Scott doesn't reckon it's a good idea drilling into that wall though, specially as it's the outside wall of next doors bathroom. They might not appreciate it! 

My major job of the day though was getting those pesky stepping stones in.

From this angle they look pretty good. I can imagine once I have grown grass around them how good it will look. However, I think I may have to move them out a bit as they seem too close to the hedge. I had to trim it back quite far to be able to use them properly. Scott's a bit of a perfectionist too and isn't overly happy with them. Well he can help me move them! Not today though as my back hurts after all that digging and I have to work tomorrow!

One thing I am very happy with though is my SIGN!

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