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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day One...

Today. Finally. We started work on the garden! I honestly can't wait to get rid of all the mud. And I quite enjoy a good bit of landscaping.. Or destruction, whatever you want to call it!

The plan is to gravel the rest of the garden to match the bit that's already done.

First we started on the back fence. There are two trees growing in the corner and along the back of our fence which, along with all the ivy, is slowly ruining the fence panels. I started by cutting down the branches what were fighting their way through the side...

Then Scott took this to a whole new level by actually removing the whole of the second tree!! (you can't see the second one from these pictures unfortunately)

To be fair it was the main culprit in wrecking the fence, and looking at it, there were other stumps our side of the fence where it had been cut back before.. So I don't feel quite so bad!

Under all that rubbish in the corner we uncovered two rose plants, one of which I knew about, the second, a lovely surprise! They look a bit sorry for themselves as they have been sheltered by all the other rubbish so I potted them up and put them in the sun, hopefully spruce them up!

To gravel the garden we decided the border we put in last year needed to be replaced. Only because we want the weed membrane to run slightly under the border... But anyway, I spent much of the afternoon playing musical plants again. This poor little one in the above photo probably won't survive. It's a passion flower, possibly my favourite flower ever. I had one when we lived in the flat but it didn't survive the winter so I planted a honeysuckle in it's place. I wish I hadn't really, at the time I didn't realise that we had two others in the garden.

One of the flowers from my old plant

The passion flower I potted up today was just about surviving along the back fence where there is very little sun. For the last two years it hasn't flowered so I took this opportunity to move it.. Only problem was that it was technically in next doors garden.

I couldn't get under the fence enough to dig up all the roots. So they did break, but hopefully there was enough there to keep it going! Really isn't looking good right now though!

Believe me, they wont miss the passion flower, if they even knew of it that is!
We are going to replace the old border fencing with nice new stained wooden stuff. Actually we chose decking planks which we are going to turn on their sides and attach to pegs hammered into the ground. The border the over side of the garden is also no more. The trellis planters are still in place at the moment though, mainly because we had so much rubbish strewn around there was nowhere else for them to go.

The main job is going to be levelling the garden enough to lay the stones and it actually look nice. The soil is so dry and lumpy is needs a lot of work. Also matching new stones with the old may prove challenging. 

So it doesn't really look like we have done anything useful yet but I'm looking forward to another day digging, pruning and chopping!

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