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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home

I think we have a plan.

A moving house plan that is!

Scott is now rid of university and working back in Swindon again with Intel which he is really enjoying. But does mean he is commuting 4-5 days a week which is putting a lot of miles on our new car! First of all I wanted to stay in Bristol but now we have decided to buy in Chippenham; more or less half way between Bristol and Swindon. We are literally a few grand off of our deposit now so we are going to see a mortgage adviser on Friday (SCARY!) so see where we stand (and probably find out that were being unrealistic).

Living in Chippenham seems to be popular. Houses in our price range seem to to go fast! For example, I really liked one in Oaklands but the agent tells me it's already sold (not that this has been updated on Rightmove yet..)

It needs some work (like central heating) but that was reflected in the price, hence why it sold I suppose! There so many choices when it comes to houses and we are all a bit confused by it all. How much work do we want to do or can afford to do, semi-detatched/end of terrace or terrace? (can't afford the luxury of detatched)... a house or bungalow with the prospect of putting a second floor on in years to come? Who knows!

I quite like this place too but I am not convinced on the size of the garden but it does have a garage... and the second bedroom seems small too, but I'm not sure we can be that picky to be honest!

But then this one is like an already finished version of the first with a drive, and an already finished price. I think were go to see some of these places the weekend after next so that we have more of an idea of what it all means!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Puppy Cuddles

We have only had him 11 days but it seems like a lifetime and wouldn't be with out him!

On the whole we seem to have cracked bedtime, he's not always keen to go for a wee before bed but we haven't had an accident for... well for a while anyway! Yesterday was his first time alone for the day. Well i say that, the bestie, Clare popped in for cuddles at lunchtime then Scott got home early so he wasn't alone that long really. Still no accidents and nothing was broken or eaten.. so far so good!

To be honest there has only been one major event.. The other evening we had a nice long walk (well for Charlie anyway, it wasn't that long!). Right at the end I called him to put him on the lead, as I went to he heard a dog bark which must have scared him and he bolted.... towards the busy main road. We were quite far away from it but he obviously knew which way was home; I pegged it after him but he was FAR to fast, I left soo sick and god was the adrenaline going. Luckily instead of going under the gate he tried to jump the wall (where the human's have to get over) which gave me enough time to catch up and (unfortunately for him) pin him against the wall. Panic over. He got a bit squashed but I wasn't taking any chances of him getting away! No harm done...

Also! I never realised boy pups learnt how to hump so early on too!! I don't remember blue being horny at only 13 weeks old? It's been a long time since he was a pup though so... Charlie's poor cow has been raped so many times the poor thing! Roll on 6 months when he will be... ahem.. yeah.

Aunty Clare

What has she done to you!