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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Roman Blinds

A friend of work asked me to make some roman blinds for her. And what a project and a half that was! I have only made them once before which didn't seem too much of a task but these ones certainly did! I made three in total all of which were at least double the size of my first attempt. As you have to be very very accurate with roman blinds I was terrified come the end that they would be good enough for her. They are not cheap things to make and she had invested a lot in me to get them right!

I only have a picture of the largest one up and finished - I'm pretty darn impressed with myself and my friend seemed pretty happy with them also! They certainly wouldn't be worth making on a regular basis for people though; far too time consuming and not enough money in it. I think I worked out that I made £1.22 an hour on this job!

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