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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Craft Fair Flop!

For a while I have been keen on doing a craft fair and have had a few booked but for one reason or another, couldn't do them. So finally I booked to do one in what will be our new town, Yate; I've spent several weeks cramming in lots of sewing time so that I had something to sell, I made lots of signage and business cards - took it really seriously.

Thought about how to decorate my table, went to the bank and annoyed them by asking for lots of change for a float. I even had a friend and her family come along to give me a hand. Got there, set up... and sold... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It wasn't just me though, all the stall holders were really annoyed as no one came through the door!? There was no prior advertisements or any signage outside on the day so no wonder no one turned up!

However, it was fun, I enjoyed myself and it was nice chatting so the other stall holders, even if it was to bitch about the bad organisation of the thing. We won't get our money back, some of the people tried but they claimed it wasn't their fault! A few people took my cards and will hopefully contact me in the future about any craft fairs going on.

Here's to better luck next time!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Bodge Job

As we are moving, we thought it about time we got on with sorting the front of the garden...

Mud isn't a good look for showing prospective tenants round! The original plan was to turf it but with all the rain we have had recently, the local suppliers have stopped cutting this year. Since we are meant to be completing before Christmas, we can't wait too long.

Chief project manager overseeing proceedings!

So.... we went for a cheap quick fix....

Bark chippings! Replacing brown with brown! But actually I don't mind it and it literally took a few hours to do. Should be nice and easy to look after for whoever lives here next. All we will have to worry about is moving the chicken when it comes to actually moving.

Moving onto the chickens; I never mentioned the (now not so) recent change... A few weeks ago Silver developed a respiratory problem (I suspect Chronic Respiratory Disease) and within 24hrs deteriorated very quickly so we (by we I mean Scott) put her out of her misery. Once she had gone I then worried about how Ginger would cope... She has been a star, not really batted an eye lid! Still laying everyday and going about her daily business like nothing has happened!

Sleep tight! x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Offer Accepted!

We have done it! Decided on a house and had an offer accepted! I'm soooo EXCITED!!!

We have gone for Yate. A nice little end of terrace with a garden and very short walking distance to a nature reserve for dog walking! It's three bedrooms so we can have people to stay and room for all our hobbies and crafts (yes, Scott can keep his drums!).

It's also very scary! They want to exhange by the 16th December, only 6 weeks away!! Aaaahhhhhh!!! Though we have decided that we will probably pay rent on our cottage into January so we don't have to rush over Christmas if we don't want to. I'm going to miss it here, it's been a lovely little home for the last two years... lots a good times and happy memories xxxx