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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kitchen Planning!

I am the most impatient person I know!!! I'm even annoying myself so I feel very sorry for Scott!

We had an email from our solicitor last week saying that all the searches are back, we are on track for completing before Christmas and a provisional completion date of 31st January.. Was not a bit happy about this whatsoever! We knew it would probably be into January because of Christmas but that's just stupid! So currently negotiations are happening to put this right!

In the meantime I have spent a fortune on stuff in my head, the most recent obsession being our kitchen! When we first brought the house we said 'yeah the kitchens okay but were change it at some point'; but now we have to buy ALL our appliances (including a cooker), I have designed the whole thing!

The Homebase website has a kitchen planner where you can put the dimensions of your room in and then plan the kitchen, it's a bit fiddly but a great time killer!

I wouldn't have a stainless steel sink but otherwise that's quite a close comparison to what I would like! I think it looks pretty smart really!I would quite like a breakfast bar too but I don't think the rooms big enough really. I wish you could do with with all the rooms in the house, that would certainly keep me occupied until we can decorate for real!

We keep having the debate about built in appliances or stand alone or a range, I think Scott's coming round to the idea of a range, I just think they look really good and we can take it with us when we move again if we want to! We will probably keep the fridge/freezer and washing machine stand alone too but integrate the dishwasher.

I am loving Next Homeware too! The rest of my house will be a Next show room at this rate! I have asked for gift vouchers for Christmas so I can fuel my obsession! I am seriously hoping that the January sales are good as I have lots to buy!

We also went to ikea yesterday to have a look around. Much of their stuff is (not so) cheap and tacky but there are also some options there, like their fitted wardrobes, they are quite smart. You can more or less put any combination of drawers/hanging space/shelves etc. that you wish! I also saw the table that I has picked out for my sewing room; it MUCH bigger than I realised which might be a problem with the size of the room! Would be a good space though!

I need to hang fire really, but I just wan't to get on with it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I thought it was about time I explained my choice of name for the blog. I'm sure you would have already worked out that it is latin; and with the (sort of) recent developments of the shop, it stands for 'garden, crafty, love'. The reason I didn't use horti astutia amoris for the shop is I didn't think anyone would get it... or remember it in terms of googling and spelling it.

I started to like latin phrases from reading the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' books. Lemony Snicket mentions a few. The first one being

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
Which means "It is sweet and fitting to die for your country". But I don't remember it meaning that. I can't remember what I thought it meant but it wasn't that! Aha! Another one is
Memento Mori
which mean "remember you will die". This one comes from the 'The Austere Academy' which describes a schools architecture as looking like grave stones. If you have read the books your understand that they are all about as optimistic as this. I used momento mori as a user name for an online game (neopets hahaha!) I used to play as a kid.

Some other good ones are (not from A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Credo quia absurdum est
I believe it because it is absurd

Conscientia mille testes
 Conscience is as good as good as a thousand witnesses
Aut viam inveniam autfaciam
Ill either find a way for make one

Anyway enough of the quotes. That is why I went for a latin name. I hate thinking of names for things, so I thought one what people wouldn't understand might not be quite as embarrassing, but seeings though I translated it for the shop thats kinda out... nevermind haha. As the blog is themed around my crafty bits and my garden I literally sat on my laptop typing random words of that sort of theme into google translate until it came out with something i like... and there we go.

horti astutia amoris.

Thats enough rambling, I'm a Celeb is on now! Night night x

Free Motion?

One of the main reasons I chose the sewing machine that I did was the ability to free motion sew! Something I have not yet got round to doing. To be honest I actually found it really difficult to get hold of the special foot and lots of websites don't make it clear and I did manage to order completely the wrong thing first time round.

So for a while I really couldn't be bothered so just carried on with my usual makes. However, I received a money off voucher via email and managed to get the foot for a fraction of the price... 

AND it's the right one!! OK I still haven't tried it yet but I haven't been overly organised and motivated since the craft fair. My plan is to get Christmas presents sorted and then start packing for the move and then maybe try it out once I have more time for myself... So it may be a while yet! Maybe in the new year ill even take a beginner free motion sewing course!

Hopefully this will spark reason for another review!