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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I thought it was about time I explained my choice of name for the blog. I'm sure you would have already worked out that it is latin; and with the (sort of) recent developments of the shop, it stands for 'garden, crafty, love'. The reason I didn't use horti astutia amoris for the shop is I didn't think anyone would get it... or remember it in terms of googling and spelling it.

I started to like latin phrases from reading the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' books. Lemony Snicket mentions a few. The first one being

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
Which means "It is sweet and fitting to die for your country". But I don't remember it meaning that. I can't remember what I thought it meant but it wasn't that! Aha! Another one is
Memento Mori
which mean "remember you will die". This one comes from the 'The Austere Academy' which describes a schools architecture as looking like grave stones. If you have read the books your understand that they are all about as optimistic as this. I used momento mori as a user name for an online game (neopets hahaha!) I used to play as a kid.

Some other good ones are (not from A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Credo quia absurdum est
I believe it because it is absurd

Conscientia mille testes
 Conscience is as good as good as a thousand witnesses
Aut viam inveniam autfaciam
Ill either find a way for make one

Anyway enough of the quotes. That is why I went for a latin name. I hate thinking of names for things, so I thought one what people wouldn't understand might not be quite as embarrassing, but seeings though I translated it for the shop thats kinda out... nevermind haha. As the blog is themed around my crafty bits and my garden I literally sat on my laptop typing random words of that sort of theme into google translate until it came out with something i like... and there we go.

horti astutia amoris.

Thats enough rambling, I'm a Celeb is on now! Night night x

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