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Monday, 27 January 2014

100 Happy Days 4-14

 My lovely sewing machine 

 Cuddles and films with the pup

 buying our new induction pots and pans!

 Fresh egg in the morning, thanks Ginger!

 The two men in my life

 Parcels! The pots and pans have arrived

Funky new super sharp kitchen knives! Don't mess with me! MUHAHAHA!

 PAYDAY! With back pay right before moving! That was nice thank you very much!

Having my lunch made for me before my night shift, thanks Scotty xx

 Venison grill steaks. Best meal EVER!!

Freshly bathed, fresh smelling dawg! Not sure he's that impressed though.

I have started posting my 100 Happy Days photo's to Instagram so if you are interesed enough (which your probably not!) them do follow me

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Birth Centre Pillow Cases

Well my week off disappeared pretty quickly. I haven't been as busy as I planned but it's still gone pretty quickly. In my last post I talked about making some pillow cases for work and here's how I got on!

I started to take the heading tape off as I wanted to try and save it, that proved incredibly difficult, and not worth the time and effort, so I just cut it off! The fabric is like this nylon mix and very similar to work with as that satin stuff I made the Girls table runner out of so every time you cut a straight line, you move the fabric and its wonky!! But I got there eventually!

To try and stop them going missing in the main laundry, I have embroidered our name/location into them. Hopefully then if they do get put in the main laundry they might just find their way back to us... Wishful thinking probably but we'll see!

He has to be the centre of attention always! Ill take a picture of them at work later too to show them off to their best!

I have managed 6 in total so far. I'll see how many more might be needed before doing any more though; and that wont be until we have settled into the new house.

The sewing machine has been officially packed up into it travel bag ready to go to it's new home.. This time next week we will be eagerly waiting to go pick up the keys!!! Soo exciting, the suspense is starting to kill me!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Planning my sewing room!

15 days to go! Having this week off work wasn't a good idea really, not that much packing to do and far too much time to get frustrated that we haven't moved already! I all the jobs I've got to do I keep putting off as I'm not motivated enough to get stuck into anything!

So this morning I have spent a useless amount of time planning my sewing room! It's going to be the best rooms in the house! It's only a small room (roughly 2.6m x 2.2m) but it's going to be my little sanctuary! Unfortunately I don't have a current picture of that room but ill do a whole before, during and after post of when it's all done!

I have been searching all over the place for ideas for tables and layouts etc. I think some of the photos are subject to copyright so follow this link to my pinterest board to see them all and where they come from! From this I have been constructing my ideas, here are some of them...

To begin with I was really keen to have a nice patterned wall paper and then plain eveything else. But after seeing some others, I now quite like a plain but bright colour on the wall and then white furniture:

Blue walls with a white table top and white shelves on the wall, and a small chest of drawers underneath for extra storage! It's an Ikea table and the legs are pretty ugly so I plan on making a pleated curtain to go round the curse of the table, I probably wont take it all the way round though because it will be pretty annoying getting in the way when I am sewing. The table will go against the wall in the corner where I will have my sewing machine. The curved sticky out bit will come into the main part of the room and this is where ill have the cutting board. The curtain will make it prettier when you first enter the room but won't get in the way. 

I'm not sure what to do in terms of an ironing board yet, I will have space at the end of the room but Mum is giving me a mannequin which will probably fill the space between the table and the wall. I don't think there will be enough space for a full ironing board, maybe a fold down one? After LOADS of searching it seems that there aren't many options available! Maybe I could make one, there seem to be a few options I could try, though making it look pretty will be the hardest thing.

Another better idea might be to make an ironing board to sit on the desk! I have seen this idea before but didn't really buy into it until I saw this blog post! A much larger version with not stick stuff on the bottom! Yes. I think that's what ill do!

I also want swivel chair on castors as it will make the smaller space so much easier to navigate, I like this idea, using matching curtain fabric to decorate the chair!

The only thing I am not really sure is the flooring. Ideally I would go back to the floor boards but I have a feeling there are just ply boards rather then proper floor boards so maybe a fine weave carpet would be better; harder to clean though I'm sure!

To be honest a lot of it I wont be able to plan until we are there, I WANT TO BE THERE NOW!!

Oh and whilst I am blogging, heres my #100HappyDays picture for today, a lovely woodland walk in the sun with the fiance and the pup :) x


Monday, 13 January 2014

Post Night Gobbledygook

I just had to post this morning with my second 100 happy days picture as it directly follows the previous!


POST NIGHT SHIFT HOT WATER BOTTLE AND BED!!!! Cannot wait!! I now have a week off so that's even better woop! I plan to keep myself busy, with just over 2 weeks left til we move I need to keep occupied otherwise i'm gonna end up going mad! So more packing to do, definitely, but there's only so much in advance to do as the main bulk is things like the kitchen. The stuff were still using!

I also brought home a load of old curtains from work. In all of our birthing rooms we have nice big pillows for women to use but not nearly enough covers for them, or they have all gone missing in the general laundry, who knows.

So instead of keeping the sewing machine in its box, it will be coming out again this week to turn this bag of 1990's curtains into pillow cases! You never know, I might be able to reuse the heading tape on them, it looks to be in pretty good condition - the new house is going to need every window curtained!

And just a little sewing note on the end, when at home over Christmas I rummaged through mums fabric stores and found these!

Obviously they used to have a full leg rather than cropped one side! These trousers were one of my first sewing makes and I wore them ALL the time! Maybe I'll start making some more clothes once I have my sew sewing room all set up, I need a new wardrobe!! Maybe ill ask my yummy mummy of a cousin Emilia Bird for some lessons!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

100 happy days?

Have you heard about this? It seems to be pretty popular on Facebook. I ignored it for a while but then decided to Google it!

A website that encourages you to take a photo of something that makes you happy for 100 days in a row. And I quite like this idea! I take lots of photos and seem to be happy quite a lot so why not appreciate the smaller things in life instead of concentrating on the irritating/annoying/sad things? Though to be fair I don't have a lot to complain about at the moment...

Rather than literally posting every single day though I'll probably group post for several days in a row. Otherwise you all will get pretty annoyed I'm sure!

So, for picture no. 1, coffee!! I'm currently on my 3rd night shift in a row so a nice cup of coffee (and a chat with my lovely work friends) is a nice way to start the evening!


Night everyone xxx

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Let Agreed.

20 days until the big move! All of a sudden it seems much closer! Last weekend we went shopping for our 'white goods', which all are stainless steel/silver! Spent an absolute fortune! The original plan was to buy a 55cm temporary oven to fit in the space already there because we were undecided about what we wanted. When we got to Currys we were unable to buy 'said oven' in store because they didn't stock it, so we were advised to go home and do it online. Which led us to go a whole lot more searching for either a cheaper or better option as it was meant to be temporary.

This is what we ended up with.

A 90cm, induction hob range with two ovens and a grill!! It won't fit and none of our saucepans will work on it either!! So, Mum has agreed to buy me all new pans for our house warming gift and we will be spending our first day taking (at least) one of the cupboards out of the kitchen and chopping back the worktop! I really hope it's as easy as I've made it sound! I get the feeling it probably wont be though!

The last few days I have spent cleaning our little cottage as we had the estate agents showing people round yesterday. I literally spent 3 hours scrubbing the oven - I will definitely not be neglecting my new one the way I have this one! Scott took a work from home day to be here whilst people were looking round and I took the dog out as he's not meant to be here anyway! Typically the weather was lovely all morning and shocking all afternoon. I walked around Vassals Park for nearly two hours in the sopping wet! I started the new years 'diet and exercise' rubbish yesterday so had set my walking app going which tracked my route..

As you can see, I managed to rack up 4.6 miles wandering around aimlessly. By about half way the dog wasn't looking too impressed either. 3 people came to see the cottage, all of them loved it and it has been let! It's a bit sad really, we have had a lovely time here, and will miss it. I am soo glad we have that over and done with in one afternoon though! Would have been a right pain in the arse having to tidy up for viewings all the time when we want to sort out and pack up!

This morning I finally sorted out the strawberries and other plants which will come with us. Many of them had gone rotten, probably because of all the rain we have had but I still have enough to take! They could do with some good quality compost but ill sort all that later on. I also dug up a bush planted in the border by the window and put that in a pot ready to go. I might well take some rose clippings from the existing bushes but its probably the wrong time of year - Ill have to ask the step father about that!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do re. gardening/veg patch etc. in the new garden. At the moment it's pretty uninspiring. I think were need to bed in a little before I will be able to see where its going. I definitely hope for better luck than my previous attempts though!

The new garden, waiting for some love!