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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Birth Centre Pillow Cases

Well my week off disappeared pretty quickly. I haven't been as busy as I planned but it's still gone pretty quickly. In my last post I talked about making some pillow cases for work and here's how I got on!

I started to take the heading tape off as I wanted to try and save it, that proved incredibly difficult, and not worth the time and effort, so I just cut it off! The fabric is like this nylon mix and very similar to work with as that satin stuff I made the Girls table runner out of so every time you cut a straight line, you move the fabric and its wonky!! But I got there eventually!

To try and stop them going missing in the main laundry, I have embroidered our name/location into them. Hopefully then if they do get put in the main laundry they might just find their way back to us... Wishful thinking probably but we'll see!

He has to be the centre of attention always! Ill take a picture of them at work later too to show them off to their best!

I have managed 6 in total so far. I'll see how many more might be needed before doing any more though; and that wont be until we have settled into the new house.

The sewing machine has been officially packed up into it travel bag ready to go to it's new home.. This time next week we will be eagerly waiting to go pick up the keys!!! Soo exciting, the suspense is starting to kill me!

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