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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Planning my sewing room!

15 days to go! Having this week off work wasn't a good idea really, not that much packing to do and far too much time to get frustrated that we haven't moved already! I all the jobs I've got to do I keep putting off as I'm not motivated enough to get stuck into anything!

So this morning I have spent a useless amount of time planning my sewing room! It's going to be the best rooms in the house! It's only a small room (roughly 2.6m x 2.2m) but it's going to be my little sanctuary! Unfortunately I don't have a current picture of that room but ill do a whole before, during and after post of when it's all done!

I have been searching all over the place for ideas for tables and layouts etc. I think some of the photos are subject to copyright so follow this link to my pinterest board to see them all and where they come from! From this I have been constructing my ideas, here are some of them...

To begin with I was really keen to have a nice patterned wall paper and then plain eveything else. But after seeing some others, I now quite like a plain but bright colour on the wall and then white furniture:

Blue walls with a white table top and white shelves on the wall, and a small chest of drawers underneath for extra storage! It's an Ikea table and the legs are pretty ugly so I plan on making a pleated curtain to go round the curse of the table, I probably wont take it all the way round though because it will be pretty annoying getting in the way when I am sewing. The table will go against the wall in the corner where I will have my sewing machine. The curved sticky out bit will come into the main part of the room and this is where ill have the cutting board. The curtain will make it prettier when you first enter the room but won't get in the way. 

I'm not sure what to do in terms of an ironing board yet, I will have space at the end of the room but Mum is giving me a mannequin which will probably fill the space between the table and the wall. I don't think there will be enough space for a full ironing board, maybe a fold down one? After LOADS of searching it seems that there aren't many options available! Maybe I could make one, there seem to be a few options I could try, though making it look pretty will be the hardest thing.

Another better idea might be to make an ironing board to sit on the desk! I have seen this idea before but didn't really buy into it until I saw this blog post! A much larger version with not stick stuff on the bottom! Yes. I think that's what ill do!

I also want swivel chair on castors as it will make the smaller space so much easier to navigate, I like this idea, using matching curtain fabric to decorate the chair!

The only thing I am not really sure is the flooring. Ideally I would go back to the floor boards but I have a feeling there are just ply boards rather then proper floor boards so maybe a fine weave carpet would be better; harder to clean though I'm sure!

To be honest a lot of it I wont be able to plan until we are there, I WANT TO BE THERE NOW!!

Oh and whilst I am blogging, heres my #100HappyDays picture for today, a lovely woodland walk in the sun with the fiance and the pup :) x


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