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Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's getting harder! Update 31-42

 Lovely Clare came to see the new house!

 Cake baking!!!

 The chicken has a new house! Wasn't much fun doing it in the freezing cold but didn't have much choice after the wind wrecked her old one!

 This dishwasher has literally changed my life a little bit! Especially after a long day at work when all I wanna do is mong on the sofa!!

 This may look like a mess but to me it shows a successful day stripping wallpaper! Getting there now. Slowly!

 Cuddles with Scotty while he watches his favourite show. He's been poorly so I'm glad he's getting better :) x

 Tea and biscuits in the evening in our very cool mugs!

 First doggy walk in ages where it's not rained on me!!

 Receiving chocolates from the lovely lady I looked after all day. Bless her x

 Another mid-afternoon sleep before a night shift. What a difference having a blackout blind makes :)

 Plaits make me happy, and my hair tidy ready for work.

A present from Scotty for my sewing room when its set up! Gonna have some good tunage going down!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

6 days to go!! #oneborn

Ahh well One Born Every Minute is back on the telly next Monday! This time it is filmed at Southmead Hospital!! AAAHHH I am soo friggen excited to see all my work colleges on the telly! There might even be a glimpse of me here and there! In fact, I am even in the advert... JUST!! Unless I told you, you would have no idea it was me, and it's only for a split second!! haha!

Can you see me??
There I am!!
I won't be shown looking after anyone but I do hope I am in some of the staff room clips etc. It's a good unit with lots of lovely people, lets just hope they don't big up the Bristolian accent too much - though I fear thats started already seeing Sacha's advert!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Windy weather 1. Chicken house 0.

One thing we never really thought about that hard when moving was the Chicken. She's pretty non-complainant and just kinda fits in with whatever. The day we moved her I cleaned out her house and semi-dismantled anything that would move in transit. All our furniture in went in the lorry first run and the garden stuff and chicken in the second journey. She has always been a quick layer but this day was something else. Whilst we packed up and moved the first lot she went into the house and dunked one out on the metal without us realising she had gone!

Scott and the boys went back to get her and didn't check the house before moving her so when they got here this is what I found! As there was so much going on I quickly sorted her out whilst everyone else unloaded the lorry. It's a good job I prioritised her; in the 5-10 minutes it took me to set her up she was in her cat cage basically rocking backwards and forwards to try and get out!

She wasn't impressed really! Thought her house didn't like the journey over either. It was only 10 miles but it did present some battle scars!

She is situated down the side alley of the house at the moment, the long term plan is to allow her the run of the space and to fence it off at the end to keep her there. To be honest we don't mind too much if she comes out but the dog likes to roam with her and.. ahem.. clean up after her so to speak. Which then makes him sick, usually in our house!

To give her shelter at the cottage we had put tarpaulin on the top. This proved quite an issue here. It seems that as we are an end of terrace house, the wind shoots up through this gap and whistles around the house. It's pretty strong at times too! Every time it blows, the tarpaulin flaps loudly against the house which she didn't like one bit. For the first 36 hours she stayed in the house until we realised what was causing her the stress.

So, we decided to ditch the run completely, turn the house round and block her in instead which worked really well for a short time... Well until yesterday when gale force wind and rain hit and it fell over - 3 times!!!!!

Not quite so good after that. Scott was at work so I was out there on my own in ridiculous weather battling with the bloody thing to make it 1. habitable and 2. stay there! In the end I propped the bottom up with a stick and stuck some very heavy slab things on it to keep it in place. I then spent the rest of the afternoon deciding what to do next. Because of where we are, we are not keen to get more chickens really. Plus we would like to have more holidays in the future and not have to worry about her. I found this little house which would be perfect for her but we didn't really want to spend anything. And it would be sods law that something would happen to her once we had!

Instead we have converted the old shed that the previous owners left into a house. It's a bit rough and ready and she is VERY confused by it but it will do the job!

It's not very sophisticated, we literally unbolted the nest box of the old house and put it in the shed then sawed a hole in the door and attached her old door to it to make a pophole!

I put her in there for about 5 minutes earlier, and she wasn't that pleased. She just sat by the door until I let her out again. Nightfall might be fun tonight! Her old house is still on our patio in just about the shape of a chicken house so I hope she doesn't try and roost in it. Although if she does at least I can just pick her up and relocate her when shes calm. Running round the garden in the dark after a squawking chicken might not impress the neighbours! She isn't an easy one to catch!

I'll let you know how we get on!

Laters x

Monday, 10 February 2014

We have MOVED!! 100HappyDays Update 15-30

What a busy few weeks it has been! It has finally happened! We have moved into our very own house! Very EXCITING!!!!! There's so much to say I don't really know where to start but I think my 100HappyDays photo's sum it up quite well...

Not at work for over a week so I decided to paint my nails!

Killing boredom with a good old game of kitten cannon!

Cross stitch and Kick Ass 2

The last two days were the run up to getting our keys, everything that could be done already was. So Scott and I spent two days relaxing - the calm before the storm as they say! And in hindsight, these days were very much needed!


Free stuff from the mortgage company!!

The range is here!!

Touch control induction hob!!! Weeee!!

Putting the boys to work plumbing in my appliances.

Morning coffee in my new mug! Thanks mum!

Finally got myself some wellies for this boggy weather!

Getting picked up after a long shift at work. I'm gonna miss this when I get my own car!

Evening cuddles with the boy and the mutt in front of the TV in our new lounge :)

Going to bed in the afternoon before a night shift. Though our new house is so bright I'm not sure I'll sleep!

Still love this nearly as much as the bloke that gave it to me xxx

I found this day a difficult one. We went home as Scott's Nan turned 90, and with everything going on all we wanted to do was stay and decorate/organise. SO I guess this photo is particulary important really because if it wasn't for the gorgeous Scotty, we wouldn't be where we are now!

Cheeky Phoebe and her cake! Growing up too fast!

Organising the paperwork (change of address etc) is rather satisfying! Starting to feel more like home here!

looking at it in pictures is quite satisfying, though I have so many more that we could add in between the 100HappyDays ones! Like pictures of ripping out the kitchen ready for the range, Our car packed up to the roof with boxes, the wine and card left by the previous owners, the rather unhappy chicken in her cat cage! And many more on top!