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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

6 days to go!! #oneborn

Ahh well One Born Every Minute is back on the telly next Monday! This time it is filmed at Southmead Hospital!! AAAHHH I am soo friggen excited to see all my work colleges on the telly! There might even be a glimpse of me here and there! In fact, I am even in the advert... JUST!! Unless I told you, you would have no idea it was me, and it's only for a split second!! haha!

Can you see me??
There I am!!
I won't be shown looking after anyone but I do hope I am in some of the staff room clips etc. It's a good unit with lots of lovely people, lets just hope they don't big up the Bristolian accent too much - though I fear thats started already seeing Sacha's advert!


  1. Brilliant!! I have nothing to do with babies in my life really, and yet I just love watching this show! Do let us know if you are ever in any of the episodes though!

    1. Haha I will do! I have the series on record ready! :D