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Thursday, 20 March 2014

43-68! A rather large #100HappyDays update!

 What's that? A pig in blanket? It's not even Christmas!!

Chilling in the sun after a lovely walk! It’s so warm out, I can feel spring in the air!!

Sticky dots for my work notebook to signify the baby boys and girls I've born into this world <3

 I drove to work on for the first time ever! I didn't die. Neither did anyone else. And the cars intact! Yes!!

 Good old CDS table!!

 Only way I could get some sleep today was to take Charlie with me. I secretly liked it though. Just don't tell daddy!!

 Crisp sunny walk together!! Can't remember the last time we walked the dog together!

 Came out to look at kitchens and ended up buying a TV!!

 It's oneborn time!! Birth Centre girlies you look fab!!


 Finally somewhere to store our muddy wellies outside!! Got so fed up with mud in the house. Little Things!!

 Morning cuddles with the pup over a cuppa coffee. Big yawns!!

 Being driven to work. Everything's right with the world again!!

Easter chicks!! Cadbury Cream Egg lushness!!

 Getting out of work early and enjoying the morning sun waiting to be picked up! What a lovely day its going to be!

 London eye!!!

Brought myself my very own car!!

New big work office with lovely window view!

Feet up, tea and Facebook in front of the TV. 

 More choccies from lovely ladies. They don't want me to fit into my wedding dress do they!

 Sunny Saturday off mooching around enjoying life!

 Nature is simply beautiful

 Getting home from work and having dinner cooked for me! Well trained!

 Its getting dark outside, so it must be nearly home time! Its been a busy one. I want my bed!

 Bristolian chocolates!! I blame my job for making me fat!!!

Wearing the dog out so I can sit on my arse for the rest of the day!!

Save the Date!

We have done it! Finally set our wedding date!! I didn't think it would happen just yet; I just happened to mention to Scott that it would be nice to set a date now were settling into the new house, and he was up for it!!!! So... 5th September 2015 it is!! I know it's a long way off but I can't help but spend all my spare time looking at wedding things! I don't want to become bridezilla but I can see how it's easy to do!!

I have already set up our wedding website haha. Not a lot of information on it yet but then there is only so much you can organise this early on! The registrar is booked and we confirm with the venue at the end of the month and will see the reception people then too. I am still waiting for the transport company to give me a quote though, hopefully it won't be too expensive!!! I have also booked the wonderful Jade Nott for our photography. Originally we said we would get our family to do it all but then I just thought it would be nice to not have to worry about it and get someone else to organise people! Jade is a friend from College and just great at what she does!

Pinterest is my best friend at the moment, I have pinned so many ideas over the recent weeks! If your even remotely interested then follow the link at the top of the page sneak a peek!

Lots of love,

From a very over excited bride-to-be!