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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rather blog-happy today!

I met two of my wonderful friends, Jayne and Emma yesterday and had coffee. It was lovely to have a catch up and there was lots of wedding talk. Both myself and other of our close friends is getting married next year and there seems to be a lot of excitement about it all! 

One of the discussions was about what I was going to do about table decorations. I don't want to give too much away so all Ill say is that I am going to 'make and do' a lot of it myself.

Well today I receive a picture text from Jayne asking me if I wanted her to buy some glassware for me as they were an absolute bargain.... and now I am a proud owner of 23 of these! 

Well should have been 24 but 1 was broken. Oh well, there's still plenty of them!

Thought it was about time...

I formally introduced you to my new garden!

It's very much a blank canvas at the moment. Rather uninspiring! As you can see there is no shortage of GRASS!!! Hahaha the story of our grass has been a running theme in this blog so it's nice to see plenty of it now! Hopefully it wont become a problem - well apart from growing too fast anyway!

The wall is a state. Will be coming down this summer (hopefully)... if it doesn't fall down first that is... which is quite likely! We will replace it with fence panels most likely. The ones put in with concrete surrounds like the rest of the gardens around here.

When we first moved in we could not work out what the bulbs growing up the back were. Were now pleasantly surprised to find that they are bluebells! I thought you only got them in the woods!! Unfortunately placed though as we want to clear that area and put a door in the back of our garage. Maybe I'll dig them up and plant them in the front garden then they have finished doing their thing!

We also have some rose bushes, in remembrance of the cottage maybe? Will be good to see what colours they are when they get that far!

As I'm sure you saw (or not, depending on how much you care), the chicken currently lives down the side of the house, in an old shed left by the previous owners. She seems pretty happy, though I am sure she is envious of that grass......

So that is the short tour of our new garden, hope you enjoyed it... I look forward to making something more of it in the near future!

Decorating the Sewing Room!!!!!!

Pretty much every day off I've had in the last few weeks have been spent decorating. We started off in the lounge but in more recent weeks I have concentrated my efforts on the most important room of the house... my sewing room!

Hours of wall paper stripping, cleaning, patching and filling the plaster, sanding down wood and walls, then painting and this is where I have got so far...

It's going to need touching up when dry but most of the hard work is done now. It has all been completely worth it!!!! I am so over the moon with it. The colour is PERFECT and looks so lush next to the white gloss wood. It's going to look mint (yes, I said MINT) with a nice carpet down, my white furniture... Not to mention the gorgeous roman blind yet to be made for the window...

The contrast colours are going to be AMAZING!!! After buying this fabric at a craft show I tried desperately to get hold of more but unfortunately haven't been able to, such a same as I love it so much!

Be sure to stay tuned for the next rendition of project sewing room!

Friday, 25 April 2014


When we first moved mum donated me her old mannequin which she never used (a bit like her sewing machine these days). I don't know where it came from or if she ever even used it come to think of it.

 The colour scheme in my sewing room is blue, pink and white, so the very red fabric really wouldn't have gone! So the plan was to sand down the wooden stand, paint it white and recover it with a lovely pink fabric.

So this afternoon I took it apart ready to make new again, and all I found was a rusty mess!!

The original fabric was also on it, which to begin with, excited me as I thought I might find something fabulous underneath. But it was just horrible! so dusty and dirty and just fell apart upon touching...

As as far to say this is as far as this project went! Now its in the bin and i'm looking at new ones on eBay!! You can get them in your specific dress size which would be useful! I have brought some patterns recently and would really quite like to get into dressmaking sometime soon so look forward to using a mannequin!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The final 5!!! 96-100

Walked through the woods today, so glad I did its beautiful!

Comfy scrubs for my night shift!

Nice clean cars on the driveway. Thanks Scotter

Spending the day inside in the warm when it's miserable outside.

Me and my boys. Love you billions xxx 

And I am done! I feel like I have ran a marathon!!!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Drove myself to work this morning... Parked on a random road... Very glad to come back to him in one piece with no ticket or clamp!!

Homemade garlic flat bread! First attempt and I'm bloody impressed with myself!

Preety shamrock, luck of the Irish be with me!

A bit of aromatherapy in the office! I love the smell of peppermint!

Woops.. Middle of the night madness, just brought myself a new pair of boots... Well my old ones have been worn to death. I deserve a new pair!

Here already and I love them!! Good choice, I should shop during the night more often hehe

Lifted up the carpet to paint the skirting board and found floorboards!!! Shame there in such bad condition.

Sleepy puppy face. Just how i feel after a long day at work! I don't look nearly as cute though!

Night nights, wake us in the morning to a nice weekend off together x


Borrowed a steam stripper from next door... Wish we did this yesterday!! Or a few weeks ago for that matter!

Bluebells in the garden. Says it all

Listened to good old Macy on the way home. Love this song!

Lots of apples this year? I hope so!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

69-81, getting there!

Started decorating my sewing room today!! #awesomecool 

Fabric for my sewing room!!! Sooo totally in love with this! 

 Set for the night shift ahead!

New fence panel finally!! 

New fob watch! Let hope this one lasts!! 

 NEW CAR!!!!

Went on my very first road trip... To staple hill n kingswood fabric shopping with Clare hehehe 

Home sweet home! 

Big dog walks. Most exercise I've had in months! 

Lush apple and raspberry crumble after a beef roast dinner! Its nice being home xx 

Affordable car insurance!! Thank you! 

Decorating full steam ahead! Sewing room your be ready before I know it!

Honeymoon shopping with a coffee in hand whilst watching the sewing bee!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wedding drama already!!

We went home this weekend to meet with both venues for our wedding. It turned out to be a complete waste of time! The reception was originally going to be held at the pub next door to Mum and Richard's house but unfortunately they cannot do it. This is a real shame and made us completely rethink the sort of wedding we want. As a result we then cancelled the appointment with our wedding ceremony venue too.... So we have no wedding now, apart from a registrar date which we need to cancel!

But all is not lost... We have thought long and hard about what we want and have decided an expensive shindig is not it. Instead we are seriously considering a simple registry office ceremony, going back to a pub for a nice meal then back to my parents for tea and cake. Cheap and cheerful. Probably sooner than anticipated too (March instead of September next year). And there's method to the madness; we want a bloody good holiday! Thailand preferably!

Doesn't it look amazing! Though we are torn between a nice relaxing two weeks on a resort with some excursions to keep us busy, or more of a travelling tour experience roughing it around the country. Looking into it, both will cost roughly the same but it depends on how lazy or cultured we want to be!

I fancy a bit of both!!