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Monday, 19 May 2014

Moaning Monday.

What an fantastic weekend it has been! Both the company and the weather. The perfect start to a weeks annual leave! Some shopping in the morning, followed by a BBQ and drinks on Saturday then the BBQ weather continued on the Sunday too, and so did we!

It was so nice to have a WHOLE weekend off with Scott and then to spend it with good company too topped it off! Specially as Scott had to leave for a work thing in Lisbon, Portugal in the early hours of this morning, and won't be back until very late Wednesday night.

He left at 3.30am this morning to be exact, which was really annoying as we both struggled to sleep before he left and then because he was soo tired when he went, I then couldn't sleep for worrying about him after he had gone. Leaving me tired and ratty today!

Charlie hasn't helped either. We didn't walk him over the weekend because we had been really busy, and he joins in when were out with the neighbours, playing with the Staffy over the road and mooching around everyone's gardens. I meant to give him a haircut yesterday but thought being drunk in charge of a pair of scissors wasn't a very good idea. So I did it today instead. Well I say that.... I tried. I got as far as his back and sides, and he wouldn't take anymore and went off into the garden. So whilst I was having a cuppa tea the little git rolled in chicken poop!!!! He absolutely STUNK!!!!!! I couldn't have been less impressed. Neither was he when I stuck him in the bath. Often that is enough for him to give up and let me finish his haircut. But not this time.... So still now he looks like a clown!

When the sun cooled down late this afternoon it was time to take the dog for his walk. Very excited he was too. Right up until the end he was well behaved, but it was too good to be true. He decided the stagnant, muddly puddle/bog was just what he needed to get his own back at me...

So pleased with himself he was! Little git. So that was his second bath of the day. He learnt that trick from his Staffy friend... Dog's hey! Who'd have them!?

Just before we went for our walk, myself and Andy, our neighbour were complaining about other people in our street feeding the seagulls as they crap on everything. Then I head out and found this!!!!

Scott isn't even here to wash it off for me! So out I go to do it (has been desperate for a wash for ages anyway), get half way through and the bloody heavens open on me! Not rained for days but decides to choose the minute I wash my car! A massive down pour too... GRRR!!! Just to top off my mood.

So you think it can't get any worse. Well I am known for not looking after myself very well when I'm left on my own and my plans for dinner backed this up. I went to make myself some scrambled egg on toast. Whilst making sure my egg was perfect I completely obliterated my toast!

I don't make toast much and I am really not used to using the grill as you can see.

It really hasn't been my day.

I can go as far to say the diet has gone completely of the window as a result too.

I am on call for work tonight. Its very rare that the on-call midwife is called out; only when the unit is in dire straits.

Based on my day so far I am expecting a call...

Here's to a better tomorrow!

Moan over,

Sorry x

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