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Friday, 16 May 2014

On the way out?

Ginger hasn't laid an egg for ages now. Must be about a month. Which for her is pretty unusual. Shes coming up for 2 years old now so thought that shes probably due a molt so didn't really think much of it. First of all we had a couple softies and then a few shell-less eggs. So upped her calcuim. Then the eggs stopped completely.

About 2 weeks ago she developed this funny swelling where her crop is. Obvious cause would have been an impacted crop but on closer examination it seemed to be fleshy, like she had bruising or something and didn't seem to be her crop at all. It wasn't causing her any problem and she was eating, drinking and pooing perfectly fine. In hindsight it is now obvious that it WAS her crop. Rookey error. Maybe if I had done something about it maybe she'd still be healthy.

Yesterday I threw her some lettuce, her favourite, and and wasn't interested at all. Very unlike her.

This morning I went in to clean her out and noticed some pretty odd poo's. It was hot yesterday so just thought they had gone moldy quick. Then googled it and actually I think it was full of yolk and bile. Her bum is very dirty, swollen and pulsating. So I gave her a bath but it just seemed to stress her and labour her breathing. Now I have left her alone her breathing is better again but shes not very active. She doesn't have the full stance of a EYP (egg yolk peritinotis) bird but I think shes getting there. As far as I can tell she had only done 1 poo all day.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear. She is not looking happy. She looks like she is standing upright like a penguin, definitely a bad sign, but still possibly a cure.
    We took ours to the vet when she had an impacted crop and now she is fine, but this looks like egg trouble by the way she's standing.
    Hope you can help her...