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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Muffin Top

I brought a new toy last week! A Fitbit!And I love it!

For those of you who haven't heard of them it is a little step counter gadget which monitors your activity day and night. It shows you all sorts of information including your most active parts of the day, sets you goals to reach, how many calories you have burned etc. There are a few different models to go for too. My brother has the Fitbit Flex which goes round your wrist and (if you don't want to) you never have to take it off. I got the Fitbit One though as it sits in a clip and attaches to your trousers. Much better as I wouldn't be able to wear anything on my wrists when at work. The only downside is for the sleep function, you have to take it out of the clip and put it in a wrist strap. Got used to it now and it doesn't keep me awake!

The dashboard (above) shows you a snapshot of how you have done each day. On this day I hit my goals for my steps, floors climbed, calories burned and distance. I even had 541 calories left to eat but my active minutes were not achieved. booo! I don't really understand how the active minutes work though. Apparently it works it out in MET's rather than the actual time 'being active'..... Ok then!

This was yesterday. As you can see, I was pretty lazy... actually, we went out twice but drove both times haha. In the activity box it shows you your more active parts of the day, not much yesterday as you can see!!

The Fitbit itself also has a pretty flower which grows depending on how active you have been. You know you have been lazy when the flower only has 1 leaf!

One of my favourite features is the sleep recording. Specially when I am on nights as my sleep is all over the place. That was my sleep for last night. I slept pretty well as you can see! I got up for a wee just after 1 and the rest of the red lines show how restless I was!

I did start dieting with Slimming World but I got bored pretty quickly. So now I have gone back to calorie counting. You can calorie count using the fitbit website but another FAB feature is that you can sync with MyFitnessPal and all the information will come across. You can make MyFitnessPal more accurate by allowing negative adjustments to your calorie count depending on how active or sedentary you have been. The one thing I always hated with MyFitnessPal is that it never really took into account how busy I am at work but how lazy I am at home, you just had the same calorie goal whatever. NOW its based on my ACTUAL activity!!!!

I am such a geek!

You may judge but it has worked!

I was 8st 13lb on the scales this morning! Weeee!!!! I estimated that I would need to be 9st to get into THE dress, so that has completely made my day! Mum is coming to visit on monday and shes going to bring the dress with her so that will be the real D-Day!!! I REALLY hope I don't have to get it altered!

I also tried on the PASH Jeans this morning...

Ok from this angle you can't see the muffin top very well in this picture, but the other one I took makes me look pregnant and isn't very flattering at all! They are still a little tight round the crotch too but they are most definitely wearable now! few more pounds and ill be there!!!

Though, I don't want to loose loads more, my BMI sits at 21.6 at the moment so perfectly normal. To be honest I actually need to do more proper exercise. My boobs have completely shrunk but I don't feel that different on my hips or my waist, which is where I need to loose it for the dress. I was going to do the 30 day ab challenge but I only managed day one - I forgot about it! Maybe I should start now! Then I might just post before and after shots!

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