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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Went to the Garden Centre!

Theres three garden centres really close to us. They are on the main road I drive along to get to work every day; I still managed to drive passed the entrance to ALL of them! HAHA! I'm not usually looking to go in and it's a fast road so by the time I realised I was there it was too late!

Anyway, I went for fertiliser, garden canes and compost, which I got, along with some plants!! I couldn't help myself, they were all so preety!

I'm not sure where I am going to put them yet. They would look really nice in the border where they are now but half of the wall is broken so will need to be fixed when we replace the surrounding wall. In my last garden post, said about getting it done this summer. Well its very much already summer and I can't see us doing it any time soon unfortunately. Everything seems to take so long!

A while ago I moved some of the decorative stones in the raised beds so that I could move some of my strawberries into them. Then I decided it was the wrong time of year to disturb them.

Irritatingly there's a cut off stump in one of them which I did wan't to remove but then changed my mind. I would have been there FOREVER! When we went home a few weeks ago, mum's neighbour gave me some cherry tomato plants which were looking pretty sorry for themselves. I took them in and planted them up.

And a month later I don't think they're doing too bad! I gave them a top-up of fresh compost which will hopefully give them a further boost. They have a nice amount of tomato's coming too!

I'm impressed with how my apple tree is doing this year too! Were going to have lots off it hopefully. I had to prop it up the other day because the weight of the fruit growing was getting too much. Can't say the same for the pear tree though. It never flowered this year, and at one point I thought it had died completely! But it has perked up. I want to plant it in the ground at some point so hopefully it'll do really well next year!

It was too hot to do too much earlier but I have planted some mint seeds and plan to plant some lettuce seeds etc. when it cools down a bit later. Though, now I've sat down, I am very comfy!!!

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