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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Rather Red Lounge

6 months we have lived here now, and last week we FINALLY finished decorating one room!!! It has really taken that long.... God.

I didn't actually take a picture of the lounge before we started which was very silly and unlike me! So the only one we have was from the estate agents when the people before lived here, and how they had it set up which is completely different to us.

It needed an awful lot of work . The first week we moved in I started stripping wallpaper. There must have been about 5 or 6 layers on the walls in total, the last few absolutely welded on... months into this Andy, our VERY useful and helpful neighbour let us borrow his steam stripper.. OMG I wish we knew about that sooner, all that wasted time wetting and scraping one tiny bit off at a time... 

We then went on to have it re-plastered/skimmed, it was a complete mess underneath and we just wanted to paint so thought were'd do it properly straight from the off. 

Following this, it then took a base layer or magnolia then 4 layers of colour before we were happy with it (and 4 white coats on the ceiling). To begin with we were using a mixed Valspar colour from B&Q. It was shit. don't buy it... was so thin and sticky all it did was leave roller marks all over the wall. Andy said it was the worst paint he'd ever used!

After 3 coats of that, we changed the colour to a Crown Centre mixed colour. wasn't quite the same but close enough. One coat of that and done. Thank you, finally!

Next stop, getting rid of the old (and now ruined) vinyl. 6 weeks ago we first brought carpet both for the sewing room and lounge. And what a saga that has turned out to be. First we couldn't get hold of them and it took ages for it to be ordered and to get into the warehouse. then when it did get there, the carpet fitter went to collect it and found that the lounge carpet was too small - not what we ordered. Just to top it off the company have now gone into liquidation so we can't even get a refund, or accept only one of the carpets. we had to refuse both and I'm in the process of claiming though my credit card... Thank god I paid for it on that! As is had taken this long to get this far already we decided to go and buy another carpet just so we could finish the room. 

All that's missing is the back speakers to make up the surround sound, new curtains, a large cuddler swivel chair and a table to put drinks on. Yay!!! 

It was worth the time and hard work. 

Now hopefully the credit card claim won't take too long so that we can get on and sort the carpet for the sewing room! Then after that, Second bedroom here we come - Scott needs to sort his junk though first!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dig Dig Digging!

Busy garden day today. My main aim was to simply get the plants I brought AGES ago from the garden centre into the ground. I brought them WEEKS ago but couldn't decide on where to plant them. Well I have dug up most the garden now (well, feels like it anyway...) so in the ground they have gone.

I started rearranging and planting things just after my last garden post. My poor pear tree has finally made it into the ground. It hasn't been very happy since it was dug out of the ground at Mum's old house so hopefully this will do it some good..

It never flowered this year but at least it looks alive!! And relatively healthy... as it was on deaths door a few months ago! Lets hope for next year.

The next plan is to get the Apple tree planted. I have started clearing the back border in preparation. The people who lived here before us had used wooden bordering stuff and then filled in behind it, making a raised border. Well I've  pulled all that out but now have nowhere to put all the extra mud... not to mention all the rotten wood that needs to go to the tip!

To be honest we have decided to leave the apple tree in the pot until the fruit is ripe now. It's pretty top heavy at the moment so it's pretty likely that were just snap the branches trying to plant it! I haven't finished digging it all over yet either. It's full of bluebell bulbs which I will rehome somewhere...

Though having said that, I plan to grass the corner around the tree once it's in. Bluebells coming up through the grass might be quite pretty!

As per usual I played a bit of musical plants again too... at the same time as planting the tree, I planted a fuchsia plant in the rose boarder along with one of the garden centre plants, then my heather went into one of the planters by the door. Well today, the fuchsia and the heather were replanted again, in the rose border, in different orders!

You can't really see them in that picture, but they are there I promise!
The tomatoes are going absolutely crazy! They are meant to be cherry tomatoes but you wouldn't think it looking at some of them.

They are in a bit of a sun trap there and they have certainly made the most of it. They are pretty tasty too, the ones we have tried so far!

My other task for the day was to cut down and dig up the bush at the front of the garden. I never liked it that much. Scott was over the neighbours at the time and came back looking a little suprised. All he thought about was the bee's; they did quite like that bush... Oh well....

All the strawberries that were randomly planted in the ground have all been dug up and put into the strawberry planters... and in every other pot I could find as there were loads of them! It look's so much clearer and more open. The final plan once the wall has been replaced will be to make a pond (with fishies!!!!) out of the boarder which goes up to the step. Then the raised bed that follows the wall will become a mini veg patch. I don't want anything too big as I have quite a short attention span, but something to keep be occupied will be nice!

Up the back by the wall was a bit of a jungle until not that long ago. I weeded and dug it over and planted some wild flower seeds just for the time being; not that much has grown so far.

Again, when the wall is replaced, this will probably become my raspberry patch as it gets the sun for the most part of the day. Maybe the strawberries too. We shall see!

The problem with all these plans is I want to get on with it!!!!!! But planning for a wedding and decorating a house also doesn't leave much money for demolishing walls and replacing them!

Until next time.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Loom Band Craze

The big thing around at the moment is loom bands.

Unfortunately I have managed to get into it with a little help from Irene! It's slightly addictive! Theres so many tutorials online you could literally spend days at a time fix on them. So far I have only attempted a few styles but I brought 1800 bands for £1.80 on Amazon the other day. They should keep me going for a while!

To begin with I started off pretty simple, using a fork to make them.

An as you can see, I got a little carried away. Not sure how many loom band bracelets I really need... Maybe I shouldn't wear them all at once though!

This was this mornings creation, my favourite so far! I used a youtube video to teach me this one. It took me a few attempts but if you follow closely enough you should be able to get it first time. It's pretty simple really!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Special Wool

Mum took a special trip to Bristol yesterday so we can go wool shopping. March can be a pretty cold month so she is knitting me a shrug to go with my dress.

We started off in Get Knitted in Brislington. It was MASSIVE in there but it seemed to be a lot of space but not a lot of stock. We found one some wool which was really nice but they only had 2 balls on the shelf, and none out back. Shame really.

We then drove miles to Cribbs to go to John Lewis. I love that store so much, I could spend a fortune in there (hence why vouchers are on my gift list!). The top floor is dedicated to craft; fabric, sewing and knitting mainly. They have a wall stuffed with loads of wool and also a bargain bucket which I struggled to keep mum out of!

In the end we still brought the same wool we saw in the first shop as it was so lovely! The pattern was for a rowan cotton but that didn't do anything for me when I saw it. I wanted something much softer and cosier! The colour wasn't quite right either. But this is perfect!!! I'm soo excited!

On the note of wedding outfits mind, I guess I should update on the dress fitting.... I had an off day on the diet last week which put me up a few pounds. I managed to scrape it back to the magic 9st exactly. But it wasn't enough..... URRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

 It sits lovely on my hips with a little to spare even... but the back still won't do up by about an inch and a half! I am so gutted and starting to wonder if it's really going to happen! I wan't to be able to breathe in it too!! I didn't plan on loosing much more but have decided to try 8st 10lb as I am sooo close! Before, the zip would only go half way up so I have come a long way already. If it's STILL not enough then it'll be tough luck and down the altering shop it'll go.

Unhappy smiley face.