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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dig Dig Digging!

Busy garden day today. My main aim was to simply get the plants I brought AGES ago from the garden centre into the ground. I brought them WEEKS ago but couldn't decide on where to plant them. Well I have dug up most the garden now (well, feels like it anyway...) so in the ground they have gone.

I started rearranging and planting things just after my last garden post. My poor pear tree has finally made it into the ground. It hasn't been very happy since it was dug out of the ground at Mum's old house so hopefully this will do it some good..

It never flowered this year but at least it looks alive!! And relatively healthy... as it was on deaths door a few months ago! Lets hope for next year.

The next plan is to get the Apple tree planted. I have started clearing the back border in preparation. The people who lived here before us had used wooden bordering stuff and then filled in behind it, making a raised border. Well I've  pulled all that out but now have nowhere to put all the extra mud... not to mention all the rotten wood that needs to go to the tip!

To be honest we have decided to leave the apple tree in the pot until the fruit is ripe now. It's pretty top heavy at the moment so it's pretty likely that were just snap the branches trying to plant it! I haven't finished digging it all over yet either. It's full of bluebell bulbs which I will rehome somewhere...

Though having said that, I plan to grass the corner around the tree once it's in. Bluebells coming up through the grass might be quite pretty!

As per usual I played a bit of musical plants again too... at the same time as planting the tree, I planted a fuchsia plant in the rose boarder along with one of the garden centre plants, then my heather went into one of the planters by the door. Well today, the fuchsia and the heather were replanted again, in the rose border, in different orders!

You can't really see them in that picture, but they are there I promise!
The tomatoes are going absolutely crazy! They are meant to be cherry tomatoes but you wouldn't think it looking at some of them.

They are in a bit of a sun trap there and they have certainly made the most of it. They are pretty tasty too, the ones we have tried so far!

My other task for the day was to cut down and dig up the bush at the front of the garden. I never liked it that much. Scott was over the neighbours at the time and came back looking a little suprised. All he thought about was the bee's; they did quite like that bush... Oh well....

All the strawberries that were randomly planted in the ground have all been dug up and put into the strawberry planters... and in every other pot I could find as there were loads of them! It look's so much clearer and more open. The final plan once the wall has been replaced will be to make a pond (with fishies!!!!) out of the boarder which goes up to the step. Then the raised bed that follows the wall will become a mini veg patch. I don't want anything too big as I have quite a short attention span, but something to keep be occupied will be nice!

Up the back by the wall was a bit of a jungle until not that long ago. I weeded and dug it over and planted some wild flower seeds just for the time being; not that much has grown so far.

Again, when the wall is replaced, this will probably become my raspberry patch as it gets the sun for the most part of the day. Maybe the strawberries too. We shall see!

The problem with all these plans is I want to get on with it!!!!!! But planning for a wedding and decorating a house also doesn't leave much money for demolishing walls and replacing them!

Until next time.

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