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Friday, 29 August 2014

I have a sewing room!!!

The carpet saga has been resolved. The credit card get the money back for us! Which means we went ahead and brought the sewing room carpet so we can finally finish it!!! This was partially fueled by visiting Clare's new house and seeing her sewing room! Can't believe she beat me to it!!

I was really lucky as the carpet place had a fitting cancellation the next day so I didn't have to wait very long at all!

We went for a neutral short pile carpet so it would be easy to hoover and it would be nice and easy to fit in if we redecorate!

For my desk, Scott did toy with the idea of making it so it could be exactly how I wanted it. It was going to be built into to was so it was sturdy. I wanted it to be L shaped so I have a cutting out area I can walk around. The idea was to have a movable panel which I could put wherever I wanted it in the room. However... there's a few reasons we didn't build it in the end... 1. I wanted it quick!!! And 2. This room will one day be the baby room. Although we aren't planning anything any time soon, I didn't want the hassle of having to deconstruct it and repair the wall when it comes to the 'change of use'!

This did mean that I had to persuade Scott to come to Ikea with me though, which wasn't an easy task! Specially during summer holidays as it was heaving even though it was a week day! I had it all planned, I picked out the exact desk I wanted and checked it was in stock... Then when we got there and saw it in the show room, I decided it was absolutely crap!! The one leg either side didn't support the L part of the table at all so wouldn't have been ANY good!! So instead we spent ALL afternoon looking at their component desk stuff and put together a design fit for exactly what I want.

I'm chuffed with it!!!!

My chair is in the way there but in the corner I have a chest of drawers which are full of lots of crafty bits!!

Charlie seems to like it! The L part of the desk is 75cm wide so there is lots of cutting out space and still just about enough room to get all the way round it. I've already had chance to try it and it makes me smile every time haha! Little things...

As it is the little room I have a box in the corner which is where there stair well gets in the way of the room. At the moment I have just stacked my boxes on top of it. At some point it will probably become a proper shelving unit. I will also make myself a ironing board to hang on the door along with my iron so it's out of the way when i'm not using it.

Next stop blind...

I love it sooo much!

However, I thought the top curtain bar looked a little sparse. I was going to make a voile curtain thing for decoration but it would now interfere with my cotton reel holder so I decided against that. But you can't beat a bit of bunting!!

Last thing to do is hang the picture currently sat on my chair and I have a nice clock on order which will go under the air vent. Otherwise I think (for now anyway) it's pretty much done!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Flower Power

Well I have certainly managed to keep my orchid alive this time!!! I's doing AMAZINGLY!!!!! Look at this...

It loves our bathroom; since the last orchid update it has grown 2 more leaves, one major stem with the first flowers on and then 2 shoots off that stem with lots more buds developing! I am very excited about it! Every time I go for a wee it makes me smile!

Moving on from that matter... I have been thinking more about my wedding flowers. Ages ago I got some hyacinth vases with the plan on forcing hyacinth bulbs for the table flowers/decorations. Today I have been doing a little bit of research into how I might grow them. I'm quite nervous about it really as it feels pretty high risk trying to get them to bloom at the right time (or at all)!

I think I have picked up a few helpful hints so far:

  • There are two types of bulb you can buy. Pre-chilled bulbs are produced for bulb forcing, so don't need any prep. Normal bulbs need to be chilled before starting. Websites tend to vary on how long they think this should be for, the general seems to be between 8 and 12 weeks. Plopping them in a cold dark garage or shed will do! Some say refrigerate...
  • Vase time! Fill the vases with enough water that it barely touches the bottom of the bulb. If the bulb is soaked it will rot. They can be prettied up my using glass pebbles. I might do this, depends on how expensive the pebbles are! I quite like the look of just the roots too..? Ill see..
  • Once the bulbs are all vased up, they need to be kept in a cool dark place for a further 6-7 weeks.
  • When the shoot is 3-4" high (or the flower is out of the bulb), they can be brought into the light - but not direct sunlight! Direct sunlight is fine after the first 10 days.
So... If I get normal bulbs i need to get them chilling by December really, thats like 4 months!! Blimey-O-Riley! Hopfully ill be able to get hold of pre-chilled ones, gooling them, that doesn't seem to hard! I reckon if I vased them in the new year, hopefully they will be flowering ready for the wedding. Shouldn't be too hard should it?! Eeek!!