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Monday, 15 September 2014

Sorting Saturday, Gardening Sunday.

It has been an odd weekend.. Started with me and Scott having a good old heart to heart, which we haven't done in ages. Just chatting about everything and summing up 'life' as it is at the moment. I guess it feels like we are in limbo at the moment. Two rooms are decorated now and we haven't started the next one yet for a few reasons. firstly because there's ALOT of stuff to sort in there before we can get going. But the main reason is money is tight this month. We have had a few bills plus needing to pay the credit card off soon has meant there is FAR too much month left at the end of the money...which I really don't like!!!! It's frustrating too as we are saving pretty hard for the wedding and just want to spend the money rather than it just sit there... making no interest, because the banks are crap.

Scott's very busy at work at the moment, and doesn't feel much recognition, so really just wanted to feel like he/we had achieved something. Which did lead to us clearing a load of the junk out of the spare room, which is ace! Still a way to go but in the words of Linkin Park:

"The worst part of ending is starting again."
 (sorry, my favourite song at the moment!). We then spent much of yesterday in the garden. the grass was like a jungle so that's now nice and tidy. I planted my apple tree FINALLY and trimmed the pointless bush at the back of the garden. Scott washed both cars and demolished the old shed by the side of the house; now it looks tidier!!

I never mentioned that the chicken died did I?

After my last post she improved drastically for a short while, pretty much back to her normal self, apart from not laying. Then one evening she seemed out of sorts again, and come the morning she was collapsed on one side unable to hold her own weight,  and incontinent. Basically only living to breathe. So it had to be done. She was an awesome chicken.

I have also learnt how to take cuttings! I have some rosemary cuttings growing on my kitchen window sill along with the ripening tomatoes and cuttings from one of the plants I brought at the garden centre back along, Fingers crossed they take!

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