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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


We have them coming out of our ears!!! They have been so successful this year! I would say that I am proud of myself but to be honest all I have done is kept up with watering them. I brought some fertiliser for them but have barely used it.

After coming back from being at home over the weekend I noticed that some of my tomatoes didn't look as healthy as they did before. Some of the branches have gone all dis-coloured and funny looking, with the tomatoes looking a bit rotten. I tried to save as many as I could by picking them green and putting them in the kitchen window and then trimming back the ruined branches.

I have a few ideas what may have happened... first is that maybe they weren't watered enough, specially over the weekend when we were at home; some of the tomatoes on another plant had split which was almost certainly because of thirst. My other two theories being that it's just getting too late in the season or that they have caught some sort of disease... I dunno really..

The cherry tomatoes have been perfect in our lunch boxes and on salad but the larger ones I wasn't using so much. As they built up I decided to make some soup with them. I am not a big soup eater but Scott is and needed to use them somehow.

For the first batch I followed the BBC Good Food recipe. It was nice enough but a little too thin for our liking; which I thought at the time when adding all the stock!

Whilst at home this weekend I gathered some goodies from mums amazing garden. Some chillies, peppers and a butternut squash.

Mum's tomatoes beat mine just slightly!

This time I made it up as I went along. Scott wanted it to have a bit more heat so I prepped as many tomatoes as I had (nearly 2.5kg!), added a pepper, a chilli, 2 carrots and an onion. On mum's recommendation I didn't add any liquid at all and just boiled down the tomatoes until the carrot was properly cooked... It's turned out perfect! Well, actually it's quite peppery and i'm not a massive fan of peppers - actually I really dislike them - but I would eat it..!

I am sure Scott will love it and it's for him I've made it really. I have saved the seeds from the chilli to plant next year, and now thinking about it, I probably could have done the same with the pepper too.. I will with the next one I use!

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