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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Got myself a Greenhouse!

Now were back from holiday and got a little bit more time on our hands (not that it feels like it), I have spent a bit more time on my little garden! Andy brought himself a new greenhouse and he gave me his old one!

It's the perfect size for my little garden! I gave it a good clean and it's come up lovely! Obviously it wont be staying there, that's just its temporary home until we pull down the wall and replace it with a fence..... at the weekend!!

I have rearranged all of my strawberries and planted them in a border and finally sorted my raspberries, which somehow, are still alive despite living in a small pot for over a year with very little water!

Unfortunately though, where I have put them, they may well be affected by the wall coming down so ill probably be uprooting them again. I thought they would be safe, but now we have decided on a fence rather than a new wall that probably wont be the case!

I have a load of seeds on the go too: broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, tomato, onion and french beans, parsnip. I don't know where it's all going to go to be honest. For the time being I have got some grow bags in the greenhouse with the tomatoes in, and I have a few more for when the lettuce seeds are a bit bigger. I have also put some of the broccoli and parsnips in the other border planter but I don't have my hope up for anything good to grow!

I'm determined to have a fully operational greenhouse and veggie patch next year!

Fuchsia and Teal

My last wedding post now, I promise!!

My colour scheme was the first thing I chose, I don't even remember thinking about it either - that's my choice and that's that! Though to be honest I don't think it was particularly overwhelming. Mainly evident in the bridesmaids and the flowers. Well and the cake too I suppose!

There were also little touches with the table napkins, postbox, fingerprint tree etc. Pink champagne for the welcome drink too!

Then in the evening with the lighting, which actually looked really fab! Well worth the extra money!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

THE dress!!!!

I finally thought I would write the post about THE DRESS! I know, the one you have all been waiting for... right? HA!

This was the first time I ever tried it on. It said it was a size 10 and I believed it... Being a bit podgy at the time I believed by losing a few pounds I would fit into it easily! Well.... losing a few pounds turned into more like a stone!!

In the end I got to 8st 8lb and that did the job, luckily! The boobs were non-existent but it didn't matter because the bodice was boned and I didn't need any cleavage - I've never had cleavage! I am soo glad I didn't have to get it altered, it looked perfect on the day - couldn't have been happier!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Cake

I thought I would save some money and make my own wedding cake! I am soo glad I did!

I wanted a traditional fruit cake, which me and my mum made from a recipe given to us by my aunty and cousin, the one she used for her wedding cake! We made the cakes themselves in January, four tiers in total and Mum fed them with booze for weeks and then covered them in marzipan for me the week before the decorating began!

I took the week off leading up the the wedding, anticipating that there would be rather alot to do...
To be honest it wasn't too bad, I had a mega waxing session booked which took up the majority of one day, then spent another morning with mum and nan getting our nails done, and ran several small errands. I had thought that I would need a day and a half maybe to do the cake decorating.... so its a good job i did end up with spare time elsewhere as I grossly under estimated!!! In the end it took 2 and a half days, and that was starting at 8am-ish and finishing after 9pm on one of the days! It became my baby really and wouldn't let anyone touch it.

Well apart from one sneaky being........Uninvited of course.

AAAHHHHH!!!! The bloody dog got to it whilst it was on the dining table!!!!! Not my cute little Charlie, the massive annoying weimaraner, Blue. I could have killed him!!! The worst bit was it was the bottom layer which was the hardest to ice in the first place because of its size... Luckily enough it was the outer most icing and nothing else was touched so I cut it well back and patched it... no one would know any different!!!

The design of the cake was based on a picture found on Pinterest. It was pretty adventurous considering I had never really iced a cake properly before... But it a go and blimey, I am so glad I did! I did myself proud, even if I do say so myself!!!

Concentration face!!!

Richard helped me with the second layer as the decoration was painted on and I really struggled to keep a steady hand, and I can't draw to save my life!!

And the final thing...

I don't think I did too bad really!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wedding Flowers

Whenever you plan a wedding, my advice would be to think about how much you think you can spend, then add half again and that's a more realistic budget!

To be fair, we ran pretty much on budget until the last couple of months. All of a sudden money didn't look as tight as we thought it would be so started adding extras:

First of all we splashed a load of money on having the hall draped. That was Scott's major input and I am so glad we did it. It was expensive but worth every single penny! Along with the bunting, it did look amazing!

I had also planned on having hyacinths in vases, and it was all looking good to go until a few days before. I researched it a lot and tried to time it so they would all flower in time, and it almost worked...

As you can see, they came up!! and they looked great... BUT they were about a week too early!! I was hopeful that some of them might still be ok by the day. Unfortunately most of them either started wilting off or they got too heavy and nothing I tried worked to keep them upright.

Stupidly, five of them would have made them on the day, if we had remembered to get them there. We had all Friday afternoon to set up the hall but still ran out of time, in the end we were lucky to get the tables dressed let alone worry about other things. Somehow 7 of the name place settings managed to disappear too. I know full well I made them so all I could assume was that they got left in Bristol... well they didn't, so that's still a mystery to this day. All I know was I was up late that night redoing them. GRRRR!!!!

In terms of the hyacinths though, we did have a back up.

We never planned or budgeted for real flowers (apart form the hyacinths of course). Instead I had brought silk flowers and made my own bouquets for me and the girls.

But then I had a change of heart, about a month before the wedding! It wasn't until this point we really realised that we were getting married the day before mothers day, which meant that pink and white flowers were expensive!

Myself and the bridesmaids had matching bouquets and we had a large centerpiece on the top table, all matching. We then had a variety of matching flowers which we arranged ourselves in the vases which would have had the hyacinths in. It was perfect!

As you can see, it was SO worth the money! 

.............Though, we did leave them at home and had to get my friends husbands (who didn't come to the ceremony) to go to my parents house, pick them up and run them to Taunton for us which held up the ceremony! Whoops! 

Fingerprint Tree

Much of the wedding was based on ideas found on Pinterest. One thing I particularly liked was the Fingerprint Tree. I didn't really want a proper guest book as it just gets put in a drawer or the attic and not really looked at. What I love about the tree is that it will be framed and put on the wall so it can be seen every day. I like that.

A friend from work drew the tree for us, how talented is she! I then traced the writing on the bottom and them to finish it off I had it mounted to make the border bigger and give people space to write if they wanted to. People got very into the fingerprinting but not so many wrote on it which was a little bit of a shame. I am still very happy with it though

This is a picture of it that my friend Clare took, once its all framed and on the wall I'll share a picture of it all complete.

Lots of bunting!!

I first started making the wedding bunting in June last year. If only i had known that I would end up making so much!

It only took 8 months, 213 flags and a whole lot of stash fabric and bias binding to make 116m worth!!!

I only had to buy about 3m of fabric right at the end to make it enough. I am still surprised I had so much stash fabric - dread to think what it would have cost me otherwise!

It was very popular on the day too. Lots of people commented on it and many people asked what my plans for it after the wedding were, with hope I was giving it away!

My plan, I think, will be to turn it into a quilt. Although the thought of unpicking it all doesn't thrill me much. IT would be lovely to have a keepsake from the day; it went so quick and we had such an amazing day I wish we could relive it all over again. However, I dunno that I have ever been soo busy in my life, and at points stressed.

Wouldn't have changed it for the world  xxxx