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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fingerprint Tree

Much of the wedding was based on ideas found on Pinterest. One thing I particularly liked was the Fingerprint Tree. I didn't really want a proper guest book as it just gets put in a drawer or the attic and not really looked at. What I love about the tree is that it will be framed and put on the wall so it can be seen every day. I like that.

A friend from work drew the tree for us, how talented is she! I then traced the writing on the bottom and them to finish it off I had it mounted to make the border bigger and give people space to write if they wanted to. People got very into the fingerprinting but not so many wrote on it which was a little bit of a shame. I am still very happy with it though

This is a picture of it that my friend Clare took, once its all framed and on the wall I'll share a picture of it all complete.

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