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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Goodbye Wall, Hello Fence!

I spent the May bank holiday weekend being a DIY builder, with the help of my husband and an actual builder! We have been talking about replacing the falling down wall since we moved in and for that reason I have done very little with the garden so far.  I'm glad for that as you should see the state of the grass now!! haha!

The wall came down easy as pie... apparently. Scott did it Friday whilst I was at work. We had the skip and building supplies delivered which he stayed home for. I expected him to start on the wall but I didn't expect to see the whole thing down! I wish I had taken a picture of it up where we park our cars, in places you could see right through the brick joins where it has been so battered. Though I hear that that was caused by the last people who lived here reversing their car into it!

In the picture above you can see the closest corner where the road outside is significantly taller than the bottom of our garden. This was always going to be the hardest part of the job as the post to go in there was 9ft (Andy recommended a 10ft but they were out of stock for 3 weeks). Just in front of where the old wall post is there was a massive concrete block which the old oil container used to sit on (before we moved in). Getting rid of that cost us most of the first morning as it was soo bloody thick. The boys worked on that whilst I cleared the top by the garage. It doesn't take long to fill a skip.

After that it didn't look good for getting much more done that day, the corner panel took two gravel boards to get it to the street level and digging the holes for the posts was really hard work. For a long while we talked about just replacing the wall with another wall. Which would have been easier as we wouldn't have had to break through the walls foundations. What was worse was that as soon as we were through the foundations we hit clay!! That was just as much work to get out.

In the end we managed 3 panels/4 posts on Saturday, which was a good job as we didn't get much done at all on Sunday because of the weather. As you can see, my raspberries just about survived there... Sunday consisted of one more panel/post going up and us spending more money on more concrete and fence paint.

Oh, we did have fun removing the tree stump at the bottom of the garden. Lets just say Andy saved me a bit of time digging it out by hand....

Monday was great, we had nice weather, renewed motivation (because we had to finish) and slightly less aching bones - in mine and Scott's case that is!

As we got to the top of the garden became easier but at a sacrifice.........

That white part on the hard standing shows were the wall used to be!! The boys really didn't fancy breaking through the 8-10 inches of concrete so I reluctantly agreed that they could bring the fence this side of it. It did make loads of difference as there were no foundations to break through which made hole digging loads easier! You can see by Scott's disappearing head how deep those holes were! The one in the front of the picture was my hole! Very proud of that, I got it as deep as my arms would let me then Scott and Andy finished it off!

The two corner panels are smaller so needed cutting down, one of which we have done, the other to be finished. Hopefully today but the weather it pretty horrible out there at the moment... We also need to build up the end by the house and Andy's garage. We have left over gravel boards and should have enough fence panel to do it. Then it'll just be sorting a gate, making/getting the trellis to top it and painting it all! Oh, and putting the part ruined grass back together and getting the greenhouse in properly!

As you can see, we also acquired a 1000L water tank too, but that's another project and another blog post in waiting!

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