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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Slug Wars

I am having just as much luck with my garden as I have in previous years.... The bloody slugs are eating everything! I have had to replace about 5 of the tomatoes I planted in the grow bags GRRRR!!!!!! This gardening lark takes a lot of time just for it all to get eaten.. and not by me!!!

I thought I would try some 'pet friendly' slug repellent pellet things. They made the grow bed look stupid and did sod all to stop them.

Charlie couldn't work it out either!

After a ranty post on facebook asking for suggestions on what to do, my next plan of attack is a beer trap.

Actually that's a lie, it's not beer in there at all. It's a yeast mixture designed to entice them then kill them! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!! It better work, otherwise I am going to go mad! I have done two; one in the bed itself and the other in the greenhouse. I have also been out a few times with a pair of scissors and chopped the gits up too; I found that pretty satisfying, but I keep forgetting to do it regularly.

We have also finished off the two left over odd panels for the fence and the trellis!!! It's looking great - really really pleased with it!

It's all been painted to match the street too... well I say the street, I actually mean one house over the road. But you know, the trend might catch on so it all matches eventually!

I have also started planning the plants to climb the trellis. I brought myself a big planter and have put a passion flower in it! I used to have the most gorgeous passion flower when we lived in the flat (pre-blogging times that). It was a white and blue one and looked lovely in our little court yard.

This one is a pure white one which I thought would look nicer in this garden. It will eventually sit next to the gate and cover the trellis behind where the greenhouse will be. I can't wait to see it flower!

Will need to decide what else will cover the trellis now. I cant decide!

Phase two to commence soon!

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