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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bean Arguments

I brought these beans thinking that they were french/broad (not sure of the difference - LOL) beans by looking at the picture. I planted them, and they grew...

Andy then informs me that they are runner beans. Nevermind, I like them too. I said.

Then Mum and Richard came to visit. And mum reckons they are french beans... so now I am confused!!

So on googling.....

The Mr Fothergill's website describe them as;
A white seeded variety justly popular for the flavour of its heavy crops of round stringless pods
That doesn't help me really.... So then I googled their latin name, Phaseolus vulgaris for which wikipedia described them as "the common bean"

.... no further forward...

BUT AH!!! I then click on the actual wikipedia link which then goes on to describe them as...

Phaseolus vulgaris, the common bean[2] (also known as the string beanfield beanflageolet beanFrench beangarden bean,haricot beanpop bean, or snap bean),[3] is a herbaceous annual plant grown worldwide for its edible dry seed or unripe fruit that are both known as "beans".
FRENCH BEAN! Okay that helps a bit. but why are they not just called french bean rather than climbing bean?

I also googled "what are haricots" as the packet states that they can be "dried as haricots" but that means nothing to me...

French bean is mentioned again.. Still not sure that I understand what a haricot is though. On further investigation, 'haricot' beans seem to be french beans taken out of the pod and dried. There are plenty of recipes out there for them. And the photo of the beans do look like the ones I planted.

To further back the argument that I am growing french beans, runner beans have the latin name of "Phaseolus coccineus", again, according to wikipedia...
It differs from the common bean (P. vulgaris) in several respects: the cotyledons stay in the ground during germination, and the plant is aperennial vine with tuberous roots (though it is usually treated as an annual).

Additionally, the Telegraph have a very useful description of each variety, further suggesting that these bean are FRENCH!

Argument won yet?

OK, so the last angle might be that the wrong beans were put in the packet.... So here's a comparison picture!

 I think the only way to truly find out is to see which beans grow!

Rhino Premium Greenhouse Review

So the greenhouse has arrived! It came a week ago last Wednesday and work to get it together started straight away. Andy and Scott got the outside frame up straight away and then I made the door and windows during the day on Thursday ready for them to do the roof and start glazing when they got home from work!

Delivery was pretty good, the driver was really good and didn't mind banter with our crazy neighbour. They state up to 6 weeks delivery time on their website. Mine was well within that, only taking 3 and a half! Apparently we are the youngest people he's delivered to.

The main construction didn't take too long but I think it helped that Andy had already done his a few months ago. The instructions were really clear and easy to read and all of the parts (loads of them!!!) are clearly labelled. We had loads of spare rubber seal, nut and bolts too. It seemed that the instructions had been updates from a few months back too as Andy complained that it didn't tell you to add extra bolts etc. if you have integral staging or other accessories - it does tell you too though in our instructions! It also came with a DVD but I have to admit we didn't bother watching it. Also, I found the QR codes on some of the pages useful as they linked to youtube video demonstrations! The boys didn't have need for them but I liked them!

There were two main reasons I brought a new greenhouse and didn't just stick with my donated one. The first being the integral staging - which is just brilliant! It makes potting up and planting so easy and it's nice and sturdy and still leaves you space on the floor for storage or more plants if you wish! The other reason was for the hanging basket rails... OK I haven't used them for hanging baskets but they are great for stringing up plants - maybe next year Ill use them properly!

One annoyance was that they didn't send me enough side eave braces. I emailed them late Tuesday night, I had an email back Wednesday morning and the part arrived Thursday morning! Pretty good service that! Luckily it didn't stop us putting the rest of it together either so I just added it when it turned up!

It's been up and finished a few days now and I couldn't fault it! It's fab! The automatic openers are just great and with the louvre vents in the side, temperature control is easy. It's very sturdy and can withstand the winds we get round here easily! We haven't bolted it down yet but That will be a job for the near future... Hopefully the concrete base will keep those bloody slugs out!!!!

Liking the look of the aluminium too I have to say!

I brought the two into one down pipe connector too so that I could have my water butt in between my raised bed and the greenhouse. As we've had no rain recently we used the neighbour's hose (with permission - were metered, they're not!) and filled it up! Scott also put in the overflow pipe in which drains straight into my bed.... which is fine but we tested it yesterday; I thought it would just be a trickle of water but when it goes it proper pumps the water out! I have seeds planted in the end by the fence - which have now been washed away no doubt... Oh well, at least we know it works!

I'm sure I'll be boring you in posts to come about all my crops I've grown... I hope!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Vu Déjá

This week has been the first week in ages that I have put my sewing cap back on. After the wedding, time has been spent either at work or in the garden.

So, after dunking my phone in the toilet yesterday morning (after peeing but before flushing - yuck!), I decided to spend the day in my lovely sewing room. To start myself off I made one of my all time favourite makes, a bag. This time I have made a back pack!

I would say that I followed a tutorial I found on pinterest but that's not entirely true. The only thing it was good for was the pattern pieces. The rest of it was useless pictures and very little info! Luckily I have had a bit of practice in the bag department. Not the best picture of it really either as it's not actually finished yet! I dunno if all denim is the same but this denim left me with very blue hands! Therefore before finishing I decided to hand wash it, which I did about 24hrs ago and it's still not completely dry! It needs the button catch on the front and the inside lining finishing off... and a good iron.

But all this wasn't actually the reason for writing this blog post. Getting crafty yesterday spurred me on to actually do something with the wedding bunting.... Operation Quilt has begun!!

I did feel like I had gone back in time by a few months. Déjá vu, only in reverse! I really couldn't be bothered to unpick every stitch so instead I just cut the edges off. I'm glad I decided this too as I ended up trimming them even smaller in order to make my pattern work.

They need a bit of trimming up but on the whole I am pretty happy so far. I am just making it up as I go along so were see what the end result will be... So far I have only cut up 2 of the 12m bunting lengths and the odd leftovers which were used on the top table. So at this rate I will still be giving it away or selling it! I aim to make a 72x90 inch 'twin' quilt. It will have two special panels which have been made by a special friend of mine!

Ill probably border all of the octagons too so that the colours are broken a little as it's rather bright as it is. I feel it needs more pink too. Were see what happens!