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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bean Arguments

I brought these beans thinking that they were french/broad (not sure of the difference - LOL) beans by looking at the picture. I planted them, and they grew...

Andy then informs me that they are runner beans. Nevermind, I like them too. I said.

Then Mum and Richard came to visit. And mum reckons they are french beans... so now I am confused!!

So on googling.....

The Mr Fothergill's website describe them as;
A white seeded variety justly popular for the flavour of its heavy crops of round stringless pods
That doesn't help me really.... So then I googled their latin name, Phaseolus vulgaris for which wikipedia described them as "the common bean"

.... no further forward...

BUT AH!!! I then click on the actual wikipedia link which then goes on to describe them as...

Phaseolus vulgaris, the common bean[2] (also known as the string beanfield beanflageolet beanFrench beangarden bean,haricot beanpop bean, or snap bean),[3] is a herbaceous annual plant grown worldwide for its edible dry seed or unripe fruit that are both known as "beans".
FRENCH BEAN! Okay that helps a bit. but why are they not just called french bean rather than climbing bean?

I also googled "what are haricots" as the packet states that they can be "dried as haricots" but that means nothing to me...

French bean is mentioned again.. Still not sure that I understand what a haricot is though. On further investigation, 'haricot' beans seem to be french beans taken out of the pod and dried. There are plenty of recipes out there for them. And the photo of the beans do look like the ones I planted.

To further back the argument that I am growing french beans, runner beans have the latin name of "Phaseolus coccineus", again, according to wikipedia...
It differs from the common bean (P. vulgaris) in several respects: the cotyledons stay in the ground during germination, and the plant is aperennial vine with tuberous roots (though it is usually treated as an annual).

Additionally, the Telegraph have a very useful description of each variety, further suggesting that these bean are FRENCH!

Argument won yet?

OK, so the last angle might be that the wrong beans were put in the packet.... So here's a comparison picture!

 I think the only way to truly find out is to see which beans grow!

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